Let’s Sing Queen Review: The myth of Freddie Mercury is revived on the Switch

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Queen and Freddie Mercury land on consoles with an impressive tracklist, for a chapter of Let’s Sing full of modes to be enjoyed alone and in company.

Let's Sing Queen Review: The myth of Freddie Mercury is revived on Switch

I Want to Break Free; A Kind of Magic; Somebody to Love; Save Me; The Show Must Go On. If, reading the titles of these songs, your foot has started to beat in rhythm, while the melody that accompanies the splendid lyrics has automatically made its way through your thoughts, then you will already have understood the reason for making a Let’s Sing game by Queen is a great idea.

With Let’s Sing Queen, the timeless charm of the British band’s discography and the charisma of the never forgotten Freddie Mercury invade the lounges of gamers PlayStation 4, Xbox One is Nintendo Switch. Musical adventurers who are not afraid for the health of their vocal cords can therefore begin to warm their voice for a confrontation with the immortal frontman of Queen. So don’t forget to take out the iconic yellow jacket from your closet (do not try to deny: we are sure you have one) and get ready to mercilessly delight or unsettle the auricles of friends and neighbors.

Freddie Mercury on hand

Let’s start from what, when approaching a title like Let’s Sing, is often the first question that arises: which songs are featured? Faced with an unparalleled discography, the authors of Let’s Sing Queen found themselves having to make the difficult choice of which songs to include or not in the game. With about thirty slots available, the Voxler team has nevertheless found a way to satisfy the audience of fans waiting to be able to play the role of Freddie Mercury. Most of the most iconic songs by the British group is available in Let’s Sing Queen, which offers a good variety in terms of rhythm and atmosphere.

It ranges from the sinuous modulations of Bohemian Rhapsody to the rousing power of Don’t Stop me Now, passing through the immortal charm of Who Wants to Live Forever. If we really had to make a note, we would report the absence of Love of My Life and, although subsequent to Freddie Mercury’s death, the Queen version of Too Much Love Will Kill You, but the selection proposed by the party game remains in any case excellent. A welcome option, we point out that as the available songs are played at least once, they become available in the Jukebox mode, where you can listen to them freely and dedicate yourself to watching the related music videos.

The approach in terms of accessibility adopted by now is also appreciable

time from the Let’s Sing series and preserved by Voxler also in this chapter. In order to play the game, aspiring singers do not need to have compatible USB microphones, but they can rely on their own smartphone. Furthermore, connecting your mobile device to Let’s Sing Queen is very simple. After downloading theLet’s Sing Microphone app, each user will only have to enter a code available on the screen to find a practical microphone in his hands. In this case, we are sorry to tell you, it will be necessary to put back in the wardrobe (the same one from which you took out your concert jacket) also the auction designed to imitate the famous movements performed by Freddie Mercury during the oceanic Queen live. In the course of our test, the use of the application did not generate major problems, resulting immediate and intuitive. The choice to use a mobile device as a microphone implies the acceptance of a reduction in the quality of the speech input reading, but it certainly represents a practical option for evenings with friends or for players who do not wish to face an additional expense. The only real drawback encountered in using Let’s Sing Microphone concerned the overlapping vocal tracks: in multiplayer sessions, there is in fact the risk that the performance of one player influences that of others. The problem, logically, lessens as the distance between the singers increases.

Queen for every stage: alone and in company

Let’s Sing Queen is in full continuity with the franchise, proposing a mixture of modes, enjoyable both in single player and in company. We obviously start from the more traditional option, the Classic mode, which allows you to select your favorite song and play it yourself. Up to four players can also compete for the title of best performer.

To accompany us, in this as in the other modalities, we will always find the voice of Freddie Mercury and the official videos of Queen. It is a pity that the team did not foresee the possibility of disabling the accompaniment of the singer to allow performances characterized by an additional level of difficulty: an addition that would have been more than welcome.

While also enjoyable alone, thanks to the possibility of competing against the AI, Let’s Sing Queen evidently offers the best of itself when in

company. Particularly successful in this sense is the feat mode, entirely dedicated to the performance of duets. If alone, we will find ourselves supporting the Queen frontman himself, while in multiplayer we will have to rely solely on the availability and talent of friends and relatives. As in the most classic of karaoke, the color of the vocal lines on the screen will show us which player has the honor of interpreting a given verse, with passages that will require the contribution of both participants. Overall, the tracks seemed to us well unstructured for a couple performance, with very effective and fun results, which make Feat one of the most interesting contents of the package.

Let’s Party is among the queen modes of the Voxler title, clearly the most goliardic variation of the production. Here, two teams of up to 4 players compete to decide which one is truly worthy of staying on stage. The competition is structured in a maximum of seven matches: the first team to win four wins is elected absolute winner. The challenges are based on minigames where team members alternate on the microphone.

Bizarre at the right point, the latter see the challengers defuse bombs with high-pitched sounds, earn points by stopping and resuming singing with the right timing or, again, completing a song while the words on the screen become progressively illegible. The mode, if shared with the right group of friends, is able to generate concretely hilarious situations. Due to the extreme effectiveness of Let’s Party, it is regrettable that the development team could have worked to enrich it more. The mini-games are not many and the desire to engage in more games in a row could be dampened by a feeling of repetition that even just three or four additional and more creative variations could have dampened.

Proceeding with the exploration of the different modalities and refining their own

throat, you can level up your profile and unlock some rewards, such as emblems, alternative avatars or the ability to create custom playlists to take advantage of in the Mixtape mode. The latter allows you to perform your performance on combinations of songs recorded on as many cassettes. The collection, which includes several predefined mixes, can therefore be enriched with customized combinations. On paper, the modality is particularly interesting, as it offers very short excerpts of the selected songs, coming from both verses and choruses. Performing the fragments in a precise and sudden way therefore requires quick reflexes and a thorough knowledge of Queen’s repertoire. Unfortunately, we are not dealing with real mashups, but in fragments interspersed with a loading screen: a choice that, frankly, makes the Mixtape mode very unappetizing. The ineffectiveness of the solution adopted is revealed even more clearly when the option makes its appearance as a minigame in Let’s Party.

For the more competitive aspiring singers, Let’s Sing Queen finally offers the World Contest mode, in fact a form of online multiplayer. By accessing the latter, you will find yourself in front of a short list of users ready to compete, each of which associated with a song. From this squad we will be able to freely choose who to confront in a challenge to the last note. On the screen we will see only the vocal track produced by the opponent, but there will be no way to hear its performance in real time. A shame, because the addition would have been very welcome, both to admire the skill of others and, as in the case of the writer, to be able to arouse laughter with one’s desperate efforts to get closer to a “Save me“or to modulate the”um ba ba be” of Under Pressure. World Contest, although impersonal, is in any case quite satisfactory.

Let's Sing Queen
Let’s Sing QueenNintendo Switch Analyzed VersionOverall, Let’s Sing Queen looks like a fun production, capable of entertaining fans of the British rock band properly. Much of the charm of the game lies in the timeless charisma that surrounds the group’s discography and in the rarely equaled charm of Freddie Mercury’s voice. Qualities that allow the tracklist proposed by Let’s Sing Queen to stand out for quality, rhythmic variety and iconicity. The title is also enjoyable alone, but it offers the best of itself in company, whether it is two players devoted to duets or if you have a group of friends with whom to dedicate yourself to the Let’s Party mode. The support offered by Let’s Sing Queen for both USB microphones and the dedicated App on smartphones is appreciable, which in the face of less precision guarantees extreme accessibility to the title. Unfortunately, there remains the regret for an overall offer that, while capable of entertaining thanks to the charm of the proposed songs, could have been more incisive thanks to a greater creative effort by the developers.