LG to introduce new transparent OLED panels at CES 2021

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The Korean manufacturer is already warming up with the imminent arrival of CES 2021, the largest technology fair to be held this year virtually due to COVID-19. And LG wants to sweep this edition of the Consumer Electronic Show with its new generation of transparent OLED displays.

It is not the first time that we see televisions with this technology. LG even sold transparent OLED panels to Xiaomi to launch a special edition for the company’s 10th anniversary. And its transparent Smart TV is simply stunning.

The Asian giant knows that transparent OLED screens have many uses, both for private purposes and for consumption. And for this reason, it will take advantage of CES 2021 to show the evolution it has achieved regarding this technology.

enlarge photo

LG OLED transparent LG

LG’s new transparent OLEDs improve the degree of transparency

to get started, its new generation of OLED screens improves transparency to 40%. And, the idea of ​​the Asian firm is to market different versions to cover the largest possible audience.

In this way, there will be a version that is intended for business purposes. For it made a presentation in a Japanese restaurant in which the specialized press was delighted with the transparent OLED screens that the Korean manufacturer had installed.

Through them you could see the available menu, in addition to being able to see in real time the restaurant’s chef preparing the dishes that the diners had ordered. They have also shown a version for consumption.

In this case, we mean a Smart TV that is hidden in a cabinet. You want to watch TV? You just have to press a button for the 48-inch transparent OLED screen to unfold and you can enjoy your favorite series. And its degree of transparency allows you to continue to control the room while you watch TV, perfect if there are children sleeping in the same room and you want to have everything under control.

A display with integrated speakers

enlarge photo

LG Smart TV with integrated speakers LG

Finally, the Korean manufacturer will also surprise with a new OLED screen perfect for the most gamers users. For starters, its foldable design allows it to reach 1000R, in addition to having speakers built into the screen.

In this way, you don’t need an external sound system to enjoy this screen, as the panel vibrates to produce sound. The best? The different technologies that it incorporates so that you can get the most out of this gaming screen that boasts a variable refresh rate to adapt to any game.

We will have to wait for CES 2021 to see what LG surprises us with, but it is clear that its new transparent OLED displays They will be one of the great protagonists of the event.

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