LG TV 2021: here are the 42-inch OLEDs and the QNED Mini LEDs, all the news

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LG has anticipated all the news that we will see this year, from the new OLEDs to the Mini LED models, with important innovations compared to the past.

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LG TV 2021 special: here are the 42-inch OLEDs and the QNED Mini LEDs, all the news

LG will present all the news of the 2021 TV range during an event dedicated to 14 today, but in fact he has already revealed almost all of his cards. Thanks to the advances released to the Korean press, today we know almost everything about the televisions coming in the coming months. Many details are missing, this is true, but the path dictated by LG seems clear: as always, the focus is on OLEDs, but with important innovations for the quality of vision and in the dimensions of the panels available, without however disdaining the LCD technology, which can now also count on Mini LEDs, recently seen also in Samsung.
On closer inspection, probably the most important news is the arrival of a 42-inch OLED panel, long awaited even by players given its smaller than average size.

All the latest from LG

The announcement of the new QNED televisions took place shortly before the end of 2020, passing almost on the sly. Behind this acronym are the first LCD televisions with Mini LEDs from the Korean house, which has no intention of focusing only on OLED technology, thus going to compete with Samsung in a common ground, that of high-end LCDs. For now, no more details are known, neither on the upcoming models nor on the prices, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Much more information is available on the new OLEDs, which this year will be able to count on greater differentiation. Up to now LG has brought two types of panels to the market, at least in terms of vision quality, one to equip the entry level of the OLED range, the other mounted on all the other variants. Except for particular design needs, therefore, buying a mid-range LG OLED you got the same visual quality seen in the higher models, at least until now. With i “evo” OLED panels LG intends to bridge the gap with Panasonic and its JZ2000 by bringing higher peak brightness OLED TVs to the market.

We saw a first practical example of the application of the new technology with Sony’s A90J, but this year LG will also have a TV with the same characteristics on the list. It is still unclear how LG reached a higher peak brightness, Sony says however that in its model this result was achieved by increasing the substrates capable of emitting light: before only the white one was able to do this, now also RGB components are called upon to generate a higher luminance.
At present it is not known in which models this new type of panel will be applied, it is therefore necessary to understand if LG will reserve it only at the high end or if it will also be used for the new C1 range, but the possibility that it will arrive only in the most expensive TVs is concrete.

Very important news, announced by LG Display, is the arrival of OLED panels of different sizes than in the past, starting with the new 83 inches up to the expected 42 inches. Many, especially gamers, are waiting to be able to buy smaller OLED TVs.
Finding a high quality 42 inch today is simply impossible, which is why the arrival of this cut is so important. LG Display also announced that, during the year, 20 to 30 inch OLED panels will arrive on the market dedicated to monitors, this is also an interesting novelty and that we will deepen as soon as there is more information.

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