LinkedIn launches free online marketing courses

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LinkedIn has launched a free educational platform where both Community Managers and Marketing ManagersLike anyone interested in learning how to get more out of advertising campaigns on the professional social network, they will be able to take courses that help them generate better results.

LinkedIn Marketing Labs is now available for free to all users of the professional social network

The platform is called “LinkedIn Marketing Labs” and is already available to the more than 720 million registered accounts that LinkedIn has. In it -available for the moment only in English- you will find online courses that will help you learn strategies for doing business on the professional network, publicize your products and services, get more leads …

The courses have been conducted by LinkedIn employees, responsible for the advertising area, who according to the company are the ones who can learn the best techniques and tools to get the most out of the ads on the social network. Each course is made up of texts, videos, audios, interactive graphics … and they are ordered from a basic learning level to courses for experts in the field.

LinkedIn marketing school

Among other courses, you will find on the platforms titles such as “How to use LinkedIn to generate leads”, “How to create better ads on LinkedIn”, “How to use LinkedIn for brand recognition”, “Reporting and analytics for advertising on LinkedIn »…. and they are arranged in two main categories depending on the main occupation of the person who is going to carry them out: for those who carry out advertising campaigns on LinkedIn and for those who carry out campaign planning and strategy.

Each of the courses lasts about 45 minutesTherefore, it is advisable to dedicate enough time when they are to be carried out to assimilate all the concepts and techniques proposed. All courses are free and, to take them, all you have to do is be registered on LinkedIn and access LinkedIn Marketing Labs.

LinkedIn yesterday released a report on the professions with the highest growth potential in the field of digital marketing and social media in 2021. You can consult it here.


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