LinkedIn prepares a ‘marketplace’ of freelancers and freelancers

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LinkedIn is developing a platform for freelancers and freelancers which will be called “Marketplaces” and which will allow the more than 740 million users that the professional social network has to directly hire the professionals they need.

Marketplaces will allow you to complete the payment for the services of a freelance professional on LinkedIn

For these, the tool will be an additional way to publicize their work, in addition to their profile, and to promote their services to a larger audience, which can request more information and even hire them and complete the payment from LinkedIn itself.

The service, which is under development and it is unknown when it will be officially launched, will allow LinkedIn to compete with firms like Fiverr and, above all, with the platform for freelancers and freelancers that Facebook is also developing and whose functions will be similar.

In this sense, the service that is capable of launching its proposal earlier in more countries may gain a lot of ground compared to its competitor. For LinkedIn, it can be a way to expand its catalog of services but also a way to monetize the platform, since the company would take a percentage of the cost of the transaction formalized in Marketplaces.

The launch of this tool would also be a way to encourage users to continue creating content for LinkedIn, something that the social network wants to promote widely, with the creation of a team of community managers and even with a view to a possible monetization of the content for the most active creators in the professional social network.

Currently, freelancers and freelancers they can use the LinkedIn “ProFinder” service, which allows them to offer their products and appear in a search engine for recommended professionals. However, with “Marketplaces” it would go further, since a platform would be made available to all users where they could contract – and pay – directly for the services of professionals.


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