Linkedin releases a stamp to indicate that you are looking for a job, do you know how to activate it?

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Unfortunately, these months of confinement have made countless people in Spain, and the rest of the world, have been forced into unemployment and Linkedin, which has hundreds of millions of users in permanent job change on its network, has devised a way to make it clear to others that we are in a moment of active job search.

What the platform has devised is nothing more than a green stamp, which is superimposed on our profile picture, and which can be read “open to work” and that it is intended, both to inform our entire network of contacts, and specifically to what Linkedin calls “selection technicians” who are looking for profiles compatible with the demands of companies day and night.

Do you know how to activate that seal?

The first thing to say is that the option released by Linkedin is a function that easily indicates that we are looking for a job actively. To start it we will have to go to our profile and in the button (blue) of “Add section” click on the first option, that of “Presentation”. When displayed, you will see below the section “Looking for a job” and a “+” inside a circle that you can press.

How to activate the new stamp

Doing so will give you a series of options on what type of position you are seeking, the geographic area of ​​the proposals you would like to receive and, at the bottom, the scope of this publication. If you do not want anyone from your company (if you are working) to find out that you want to find something better, it is advisable to limit your offer to the selection technicians. In that case, the photo of your profile will be shown as always, without any seal or anything.

However, if in this last option instead of limiting the scope of that job search to technicians, you extend it to everyone, to your entire network of contacts on Linkedin, then it will appear in your profile picture that green seal that we told you about before, in such a way that when someone agrees to consult your working life, at a glance they will know that you are open to job offers.

New “Open to Work” label on Linkedin.

Obviously, if you want to deactivate it, you just have to repeat the same steps described above And, in the menu that is displayed to refine the job search, tell Linkedin that you are no longer interested in receiving new offers.