Listen to Netflix as if it were the radio? Soon you can do it

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What seems obvious is that Netflix does not care about the taboos of the film industryThat the main directors and gurus of the seventh art rebel against the platform for their intention to allow us to see movies and series at more, or less, speed is something they had in mind and that they finally implemented it so, once crossed that Rubicon, everything else will seem to you that it is not transcendent.

And something happens with the new function that appears in some beta versions of the Android app, which will offer users to view chapters and other content in a kind of radio mode, or podcast, whereby we will only listen to the dialogues while browsing the internet, reading WhatsApp or doing any other task on the screen of our mobile device (or in the real world).

Listen without seeing anything

That function that Netflix seems to be working on is to be able to continue listening to the content that we have playing on the platform, even if we go to another application. Something that is common to do with Spotify or any other podcast, but nobody imagined that it could also be done with a series, a movie or a documentary. Although It is true that there are times when, when we are on a weekend marathon, there are times when we do not look at the tablet while we take the clothes out of the washing machine, or we go around cutting the onion for the fajitas.

Netflix mobile application.

The evidence that Netflix is ​​working on such a function appears in a series of text strings within the application code, among which you can read “The video is off, but you can keep listening to your show while you’re busy doing other things“So Reed Hasting’s people give one more twist to the way in which we consume their audiovisual content, something that until now few had even dared to propose.

At the moment, and as always happens with these functions that are discovered in some versions of the Netflix app, It is not available to all users and it remains to be seen if it will officially arrive in the coming months. If confirmed, it would follow in the footsteps of some other platform, such as YouTube, which has an identical mode but which, today, is only available to paid subscribers of the platform. What do you think?


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