Loom, a simple way to record your Android screen

2021 04 06 12 40 26.jpg
2021 04 06 12 40 26.jpg

We always talk about how the processes of taking screenshots and recording the screen on the computer have been facilitated. These tasks are everyday at the moment and even access to them has been achieved through mobile devices. In that sense, we will present you an application with which you can record the screen of your Android.

Its name is Loom and it is the Android version of a very famous program to record the screen, now also on your smartphone.

Record your smartphone screen easily

Recording the screen of an Android smartphone has been possible for a long time through various apps. However, at the moment, many layers of customization, such as Xiaomi, incorporates its native app to do this task. However, if you have a smartphone that does not have this option, then Loom is for you. This application is specialized in recording the smartphone screen, offering a very simple and fast way.

It should be noted that the application is free and will allow you to make screen recordings, also adding a bubble for the front camera. In this way, you can make videos just like those made from the computer.

Upon entering the main screen of the application, we are greeted at the bottom by the two buttons that matter to us: Record Screen and Record Screen + Cam. With the first, you can record the entire screen and with the second, the bubble will be added to record your front camera. The process boils down to simply tapping on any of the alternatives to start recording.

Stop recording when you’re done and the video will be processed in a matter of a few minutes. Then, you will see each generated file listed on the main screen. So you can create videos of your game games or any process on your smartphone.

To prove it, follow this link.