Lucía Méndez recalled her courtship with Luis Miguel: “El Sol” was a minor and she was 30 years old

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Throughout four decades of experience, Lucía Méndez has earned a place in the heart of the public, as the famous one has successfully ventured into films and soap operas, where she served as the most requested protagonist in the 80s, in addition to her career in the music industry, in which she came to sing successful songs, including some written especially for her by figures of the stature of Juan Gabriel and the recently deceased Armando Manzanero.

Méndez has also alternated in the sets of recording with such important figures in entertainment as María Félix, Valentín Trujillo, Anthony Quinn and Dolores del Río, so their relationship with high-level celebrities has been public knowledge, such is the case of the romance he had with Luis Miguel several years ago, in the late 1980s.

In an interview for the announcer Yordi Rosado on his channel Youtube, the soap opera actress as The strange return of Diana Salazar and Nobody’s love remembered how was his first meeting with Sun after a presentation in the United States where both attended.

When Luis Miguel wooed the actress, he was already famous in Mexico with his children's records (Photo: Archive)

I was at a festival in Miami, singing, and at about 1 in the morning I knocked on the door, my hair standing still. I sang with Raúl Velasco and I don’t remember if he sang too “, said.

“So I said, ‘Please, I’m falling asleep.’ To cut a long story short, he was talking to me and everything, but nothing happened, because I saw him as a kid. He told me he was 20 and I was 30, and I said: ‘It’s been 10 years for him, he’s lazy,’ “the interpreter recalled.

After the first meeting, where there was “not a kiss” between the two characters, the singer began to woo Lucia, who at that time was already a famous star in Mexico: “He began to look for me, to call, to pretend. It was very splendid; He gave me gifts, but some I did not receive. The one who experienced everything very closely was Pati Padilla, who at that time was my public relations “.

“There came a time when Luis Miguel was so kind, so handsome, so attentive, so everything, that I did fall. We walked about 3, 4 months and I felt strange, because apparently he was 10 years old and it was not like that: he was 17, he cheated on me because he told me he was 20, “he said.

Lucía Méndez alternated with great figures of the medium, such as Juan Gabriel and César Costa (Photo: Instagram @luciamendezof)

The actress admitted that next to the singer of Under the table and Soft He lived through funny moments, because both were playful and thought “more or less the same” despite the difference in ages.

“We had a popcorn fight; one day he was taking a bath in the jacuzzi, the apartment was flooded and a clean bucket to remove the water; We all went to the movies in disguise; one day I drank 3 tequilas and I was happy and wanted to sing The king… I was 30, but my maturity was 25, and he was 17 but in his head he was 25, he had many things that he had already experienced ”.

Lucía Méndez is one of the best known faces on Mexican television (Photo: Instagram)

Lucía stressed that despite his young age, Luis Miguel already thought like a mature man: “I was no longer a naive 17-year-old. He was very smart, very mature for his 17 years and I think he started living very early. We kind of hit it off because he was so smart, we got along really well and we had fun.

His best moment and my best moment. They are kisses that I can save. I did not fall in love with him so much because I always considered that it was not correct, I always had that judgment of saying ‘It’s not right’ and that was what got me going. And I met Pedro (Torres) and I left Micky ”, he added.

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