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Time makes us approach inexorably until the moment when the new iPhone is presented. The one that will be called iPhone 13, has already represented several news in this medium due to the rumors that are emerging about the characteristics that it will have. The new rumor has to do with the color, matte black and with the portrait mode in the iPhone 13 Pro: LiDAR scanner to improve it.

New rumor for the future iPhone 13 Pro. New color and improved portrait mode

As the launch date of the new iPhone model approaches, the rumors increase exponentially. The closer to the launch, the more rumors. At the moment those who are dating talk about some loose characteristics. The new rumors focus on what the iPhone 13 Pro may be.

According to a report by Max Weinbach via from the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel, Apple is doubling down on the colors for the iPhone 13 update, at least for the Pro models. The iPhone 13 is expected to primarily resemble to the industrial design of the iPhone 12.

For the new models it seems that they want to launch a matte black color which would replace the ‘graphite’ gray color found in the iPhone 12 Pro line and which would resemble the shade of the current black iPhone 12 color which is now glossy.

Another feature that has been leaked is the review of how Portrait mode works. The bokeh effect simulated that was first introduced with the iPhone 7 Plus. Portrait mode uses the parallax of two camera lenses and a computer algorithm to try to calculate the edges of the subject in focus. However, you don’t always guess correctly.

It seems that Apple would be working on a new version of Portrait mode. The new system would supposedly combine the camera data with depth information from the LiDAR scanner. This should allow for much higher fidelity edge detection and reduce the number of times Portrait mode shots just look bad.

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