MediaWorld ‘responds’ to Unieuro: Samsung Galaxy A20e drops

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MediaWorld 'responds' to Unieuro: Samsung Galaxy A20e drops

The “last discount war” between MediaWorld and Unieuro is becoming particularly intriguing. Between a “hit and answer” and the other, in the end, it is the customers who bring home the technological products at the lowest possible price. In today’s “episode” of June 27, 2020, the product involved is Samsung Galaxy A20e smartphone.

In fact, in the context of the “Mega Discounts” initiative, the device is sold at a price of 127.49 euros. Previously, the cost was 169.99 euros, therefore the saving is 42.50 euros. The available colours are White, Black, Coral and Blue. We remind you that Samsung Galaxy A20e has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory.

Yesterday 26 June 2020 we told you about these pages the Android smartphones best-selling from Unieuro (at least according to the box that appears on the official website of the well-known chain). Well, the device at the top of the “ranking” as for this type of products is Samsung Galaxy A20e. In short, MediaWorld “replied” to Unieuro.

In fact, there has been some sort of “counter-response” by Unieuro, given that the Black colour of the smartphone, which yesterday on the main page of the portal of the well-known chain was indicated with a price of 149 euros, today you can take it home to 127 euros (49 cents less than MediaWorld).

In short, the price of Samsung Galaxy A20e it is going down, considering that at the end of May 2020 the two chains were “fighting” to bring it under € 135. The two known chains are “playing” on the wire.

By the way, in the “race,” Amazon Italy has also entered. In fact, the smartphone costs 127 euros through resellers. In any case, regardless of the store chosen, it could be a good opportunity to take Samsung Galaxy A20e home, which seems to have convinced many Italians (according to the box of the best-selling products by Unieuro).

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