Method to fix the error of the call of 1970 in WhatsApp

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Did you have a call dated January 1, 1970? What was it due to? Some days ago Whatsapp It had a series of inconveniences that also carried over to Instagram and Facebook, as users received a communication dated 40 years ago.

What was it about? Many expressed their doubts on social networks and thought that it was a hack to Whatsapp; however, that was discarded since, after a few weeks, all the functions of the app worked normally.

Before the question, Whatsapp stated, in a statement, that this error was due to a “harmless flaw in how the date was calculated on missed calls without a connection.”

That means if you received a call from January 1, 1970, It is because you did not have an internet connection and, as a result of the lost communication, you were shown the date in question.


According to the portal Infobae “The problem with the appearance of dates from 1970 in WhatsApp is due to the use of the UNIX operating system, a system” used by many organizations. “

Likewise, the messaging app mentions that if the problem arose, there is a fairly quick solution so that everything returns to normal.

What caused the error of the missed calls of January 1, 1970 in WhatsApp?  (Photo: MAG)
What caused the error of the missed calls of January 1, 1970 in WhatsApp? (Photo: MAG)

The source points out that you will need to update WhatsApp to the latest version. There are three methods for this: using Google play, iOS Store, or simply downloading it from the page of the app.

In this way the bug will have been solved and when you receive a call or video call without being connected to the internet, you will receive the date and time the communication was made.

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