Microsoft has changed the copy and paste feature in Edge, so you can disable it

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Surely you have been very missed these days seeing how when you copied and pasted a link in the browser Microsoft Edge they came out “wrong” that you used it. Instead of appearing as normal URLs, they appeared like this, with the title and a link to the domain. This is because with the new version 87 of Windows and 88 of macOSWhen we copy a URL, what we paste is not that URL, but its title with a hyperlink to the URL in question.

Now Edge copies all the information from the web with Smart Copy

The Smart Copy function, allows users among other things to preserve the text format when copying from a web. This would preserve images, formatting, or links to make sure the content looks exactly how you want it.

Is smart copy allows the user to ensure a selection, copy and paste of the exact content that we want from the web and in turn preserve rich web format. To have it, you only need to have a version of Edge from Windows 87 and macOS 88. Just use the cursor to select any area or type of content. When making the paste option, the format will be preserved, including the images or links.

With this feature Microsoft Edge tries to differentiate itself in some way from Google Chrome. Trying to give a touch of character and originality to your browser.

How to revert Microsoft Edge copy paste change

Microsoft didn’t ask users what they preferred when enabling this change, but at least gave a way to disable it. To get started:

  • We open the Edge Chromium settings menu by clicking on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then on Settings.
  • We click on Share, copy and paste in the left sidebar,
  • We can also paste this URL into the address bar and hit enter: edge: // settings / shareCopyPaste.
  • We select the Plain Text box and that’s it.

With these Steps we will can back to normal, we will have the traditional copy and paste functionality in Microsoft Edge again. This function of pasting formatted text can be useful for some, but for those who do not always have the option to deactivate it and that’s it.

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