Microsoft prepares a new interface with rounded corners for Windows 10, Windows 10X and dual-screen devices

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Windows 10
Windows 10

It is a fact that Microsoft you are working on a revamped menu for Windows 10. In fact, we have seen, on the one hand, how to activate a new aspect in a few steps while we have seen a development in which the menu starts to have less angular, more rounded corners.

One more step in the evolution of Fluent Design which now offers new clues. Thanks to Windows 10 Build 20197, a series of changes and improvements have been discovered that will make it possible for us to have the new design in our hands in future installments.

An interface based on “WinUI”

Win Ui

They have echoed the news in Windows Latest where they have come across new references in the aforementioned Build that carries the number 20197. It is about three references to WinUI, the user interface that we have been using in Windows and that shapes Fluent Design:

  • WinUIOnDesktop
  • WinUIDesktopActionCenter
  • WinUIDesktopStartMenu

A new revision of WinUI is expected, which would reach the third version and which is scheduled to be deployed in a deadline not yet set but should not be too long. A version that will be applicable to both Windows 10, Windows 10X and the system used in folding devices such as the Surface Duo.

Also, this new design can be used to update Win32 applications, but also to create new Win32 or UWP applications, in which the new user interface would be applied. A user interface based on “WinUI” instead of the familiar one, based on “Windows.UI.XAML”.

A new design that brings us closer to rounded corners in the menus, to new designs and an appearance adapted to new trends.