Microsoft prepares more changes in Teams: the application will adapt to the capacity of the network to which we are connected

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Microsoft prepares more changes in Teams: the application will adapt to the capacity of the network to which we are connected

A month ago we saw how Microsoft prepared a mode for Teams whereby the application would have less gluttonous bandwidth consumption in video calls, a kind of “economic” mode. An option that will not come alone. since also has announced changes to reduce data consumption.

With the rise of video calling, whether for work or leisure, networks and network connections have been put to the test thanks to the pandemic. That is why companies, like Microsoft now, work to optimize the operation of tools and applications that they launch on the market.

Adapt to the network

Teams 2

Along with the reduced data mode for Microsoft Teams that allows users to limit the amount of data that will be used during Teams video calls, now comes another mode that enables the change of operation based on network availability.

With this new feature unveiled in the company’s roadmap, it will be administrators who can establish changes in bandwidth policies based on the geographic location of Teams users.

In this way the connection adapts if a person is in an environment (country, region, city …) in which the network connection has a tighter or limited bandwidth, while when there is a greater bandwidth capacity, the connection it would regain its full potential.

In this sense, the first step will be taken with two possible configurations of the meeting policy in Microsoft Teams depending on the capacity of the network. On the one hand a call AllowIPVideo, which may or may not restrict video calls in favor of audio calls. and next to the first, another call MediaBitRateKb, which would limit the quality of calls in cases of weak connections.

This improvement along with others that prepare related to the support for the creation of meeting rooms before the meeting or improvements in the management, classification and allocation of participants, should reach the Teams desktop app and web version throughout this year.

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