Microsoft releases Build 20236: Windows 10 now allows you to change the screen refresh rate

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Microsoft releases Build 20236: Windows 10 already allows you to change the screen refresh rate

Microsoft continues to polish and correct aspects for future versions of Windows 10 and now it’s up to those who are part of the Dev Channel in the Insider Program, like every week. They are the ones who can download Build 20236, a compilation that, together with bug fixes and improvements, presents some interesting news.

This is the case of the possibility that we now have to change the screen refresh rate waves improvements that come in the “Windows Search Box” which will now be able to show the most recent searches we have made. These are all the news that we are going to find.

Change the screen refresh rate


The option to change the screen refresh rate has been added. It can be found on the route “Settings> System> Display> Advanced display settings” and in ee puno we can change the update frequency of the selected screen. A higher refresh rate allows for smoother movement. Of course, it must be taken into account that the update frequencies presented may vary depending on the hardware of the device.

Search improvements


On the other hand, the search experience has been improved thanks to the implementation of a change that allows to show some of the recent searches by opening the “Windows Search Box”, to make it easier to return to them. This change is rolling out server-side for everyone using at least version 1809 of Windows 10.

With this novelty we will see a list that shows the last four items we are looking for and we open from the Windows search box, which can include applications, files, settings and direct navigation URLs (for example, “”).

Individual items can be removed from this list by clicking the “x” that is displayed when you mouse over items. Similarly, the Recent feature can be disabled by disabling the Windows setting “Search history on this device” in Settings> Search> Permissions and history. If the Windows search box has not been used before and you have 0 recent items, the recent list will be hidden. If the Windows search box is not used frequently and you have less than 2 items in the recent list, a educational chain in the area to inform you what types of items will appear in the list. This change is rolling out server-side for everyone in version 1903 and later.

Developer updates

  • The Windows SDK continues to grow at the same rate as the evolutions in the Dev Channel. Whenever a new build of the OS goes through the development pipeline, the corresponding SDK will also be released.

Changes and improvements


  • For improve accessibility of PDF files for Narrator and other screen reader users, in cases where the printing application does not provide Unicode, the Microsoft Print to PDF option will be updated to attempt to convert the supplied font glyphs to Unicode.
  • Fixed an issue where, after running recent builds, some Insiders received an unexpected notification from the Compatibility Assistant that “Microsoft Office is no longer available.”
  • Fixed an issue where some Office applications would crash or were missing after upgrading to a new build.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the same application update to be installed repeatedly in the previous build.
  • We fixed an issue where some devices were experiencing a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION bug check
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Insiders to experience an UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION when bugchecking dxgkrnl.sys on the latest builds.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in error 0x800F0247 when installing driver updates.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause sihost.exe to crash when trying to share an app via Share when right-clicking a tile on Start.
  • Fixed an issue where if “Animate controls and elements within windows” was disabled in Performance Options, dragging a tile to another tile group in Start would result in the dragged tile no longer responding to mouse click.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Narrator sometimes read the wrong number of nodes in the File Explorer navigation pane (for example, say 1 of 2 items, instead of 1 of 4 items).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the icon next to “Scan with Microsoft Defender” (when right-clicking a file in File Explorer) to be very small or large.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon next to “Scan with Microsoft Defender” right-clicking a file did not update to reflect high contrast when enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause File Explorer to crash when renaming a file.
  • Fixed an issue in recent builds where clicking items on the timeline would not launch the corresponding application.

  • Fixes a problem with Recent builds affecting certain applications with search boxes, where the search box disappeared when scrolling through the app, even if it was supposed to remain visible.

  • Fixed an issue that caused intermittent connectivity loss when connecting to a PC through a remote desktop connection, as a result of the connected PC trying to sleep.
  • Fixed an issue where when using the windns.h API to discover services on the local network, the TTL value of the discovered service was not used, but the default value of 120 seconds was used.
  • Fixed an issue where the state of the “Listen to this device” checkbox in the microphone properties did not persist on update and was reverted to the default.
  • Fixed an issue where the volume setting was also muted / not muted when “App volume and device preferences” was open.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the Network and Internet Settings Status page to sometimes not display all current connections.
  • Addresses an issue that could cause the cursor to disappear when typing at the command prompt with an active Chinese IME.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the touch keyboard to sometimes not make a sound when typing, even though the setting to have sound when typing was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the French AZERTY touch keyboard layout was on the French keyboard and number suggestion labels were missing on the A / Z keys, and the Select All / Undo labels were at the top instead of at the bottom lower.
  • Fixed an issue where secondary keys on the Japanese 12-key touch keyboard layout did not follow the updated key layout.
  • Fixed an issue where Narrator would unexpectedly say “Expressive Input Panel” when tapping a text candidate on the touch keyboard.
  • Addresses an issue that could cause the touch keyboard to get stuck in a sleep state after waking a PC from sleep, causing it to not be invoked automatically when setting focus to a text field.
  • Fixed an issue with the updated touch keyboard layout where, when using Arabic, the clipboard icon appeared on the wrong side of the copied text in the candidate bar.
  • We fixed an issue with the Thai touch keyboard layout where toggle status characters were placed in inconsistent locations on keys.
  • Fixed an issue where, when using the updated Emoji panel layout, Narrator was not reading the category names in the Most Recently Used section.
  • Fixed an issue with the Emoji Panel when using Narrator, where after inserting an emoji, Narrator would remain silent when navigating further to other emoji.
  • We fixed an issue where it was not possible to use the arrow keys to navigate through the gif section of the Emoji Panel.
  • Fixed some contrast issues in updated Emoji panel and the expressive input area of ​​the touch keyboard when using high contrast.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Voice Typing settings menu to go off the screen.
  • Fixed a regression that was breaking the NVIDIA CUDA vGPU acceleration on the Windows Subsystem for Linux. See this GitHub thread for full details.

Known issues


  • Investigating an issue where new applications will not install with a Windows Installer service error on x86 systems. Windows x64 is not affected.
  • They work on correcting a problem where, when trying to perform a PC reset using the “Keep my files” option, the error “There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made. “
  • We are investigating reports of the update process crashing for extended periods when trying to install a new version.
  • They work on a solution for enable live preview of pinned site tabs.
  • They are working to enable the new taskbar experience for existing pinned sites. In the meantime, you can unpin the site from the taskbar, remove it from the edge: // apps page, and then pin the site again.
  • They investigate reports of some devices experiencing a KMODE_EXCEPTION error check when using certain virtualization technologies.
  • They are working on a solution for an issue where the selection of an IME candidate or a hardware keyboard text prediction candidate can insert the candidate next to the selected one.
  • They investigate an issue reported by some Insiders where the taskbar hides the power button in the Start menu. If this is happening on your PC, you may need to use the Windows key plus the X menu to shut down for now.
  • They study reports from some Insiders who are experiencing APC_INDEX_MISMATCH bug checks.
    [AGREGADO] We are investigating GPU Compute scenarios, such as using CUDA and DirectML, that do not work within the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

If you belong to the Dev Channel within the Insider Program, you can download the update by going the usual route, that is, “Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update”.

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