Microsoft tests a function to find out which applications are using our team’s camera

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Microsoft tests a function to find out which applications are using our team's camera

With the privacy and security as aspects that concern us more and more, companies and developers are determining how the different applications and operating systems should work. And in the case of Microsoft, some of these improvements will be reflected in future versions of Windows 10.

And is that one of the possible functions that would come with Windows 10 is related to the ability to control what applications are using the camera or webcam of our team. A functionality that they already test in internal developments of Windows 10X.

The camera under control

The next Windows 10 spring update seems to come with news and improvements (yesterday we discussed the disappearance of Edge Legacy) and one of them who knows if this improvement may be that lets you know which apps are using our camera.

In the event that an application is using the camera of our equipment, just slide the cursor over the camera icon in the taskbar to see how the system shows how many applications are currently using the camera.

A useful privacy improvement, which joins another function that already allows knowing when the microphone is in use by means of an icon similar to the area of ​​the taskbar. The new camera icon appears located on the taskbar next to the Wi-Fi and battery icon.

This feature is being tested on Windows 10X internally, but Windows 10 may be the recipient of this improvement that would bring the control and permission management system a little closer that we can find in mobile operating systems such as iOS or Android.

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