Microsoft tests in the “Settings” section, a function to facilitate PC customization

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Microsoft tests in the "Settings" section, a function to facilitate PC customization

In October 2020 we saw how, through Build 20231, Microsoft facilitated the configuration process through a series of screens that deal with help users throughout the entire process.

Through a series of pages for the configuration of Windows (OOBE or “Out of Box Experience”), the user can customize the device according to the intended use and at the same time, the users see a more transparent configuration process. An improvement that continues to develop and that now has a new section called “Device usage” but now in the “Configuration” section.

New section Device Usage

Device Use

The “Settings” menu, which can be accessed by means of the gear wheel in the lower left area of ​​the screen, offers more and more options and in the side bar where different options appear, now there is also a section called “Use of the device”.

This is an option that is appearing in Windows 10 development compilations, an option that, although present in the “Personalization” section, continues to present bugs. Remember that this function only appears in Windows 10 Build 21313 and to activate it it is necessary to use third-party tools.

For now, and according to Windows Latest, this new option seems to allow you to customize the use of the computer based on the user’s needs. And as a curiosity, the “Use of the device” section has the internal code name “SettingsUserIntentPage”, which indicates that it may be linked to the new OOBE configuration experience.

There’s a new Settings Personalization page called Device Usage in the works but it’s not implemented at the moment

– Albacore (@thebookisclosed) February 12, 2021

Among the eligible configuration options, the user may have a series of categories, in which to lock the use that he is going to give his equipment, distinguishing between “Games”, “Family”, “Creativity”, “School work”, “Entertainment” and “Business”.

Presumably, that eDepending on the “mode” chosen, the equipment will adapt the configuration to the same. If games are chosen, the device will guide its configuration to exploit its full potential in the title it runs, leaving aside other aspects that are not relevant at the time.

Is about a feature that is currently in the testing phase And it is not known if this feature will be implemented in the next big Windows 10 update.

Via | Windows Latest
Image | Albacore on Twitter

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