Microsoft tests the new “Dark Mode” in Word and a button to toggle it with the blank interface

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Microsoft tests the new

Dark mode is becoming more and more popular among the different applications and operating systems that we use on a daily basis. And Microsoft was not going to be an exception, so that it offers dark tones not only in its operating system, but also they can also be used in different applications.

One of them, Microsoft Word is getting a revamped Dark Mode that all those who are part of the Office Insider program can already try. Word already has a dark mode, but unlike the existing one, the new mode offers a dark-toned appearance that is not limited to just one part of the application.

Black or white

An announcement made on the Office blog in which Microsoft explains that the new “Dark Mode” is available to be tested by all users built into the Dev Channel running version 2012 (build 13518.10000).

This renewed design offers a dark look that’s not just limited to the top bar. The entire screen now looks the same in black tones, so there is no distracting contrast when working in low-light environments.

With the new mode, the entire interface becomes black, such as what is now seen as white or gray. Also, the red, blue, yellow, and other colors will be changed to fit the new dark background. And if at a certain moment we want to change the color, a new button is added to change the theme of the page with a single click.

To activate the new Dark ModeIf you are part of the development channel, you must enter the path “File”, “Account”, “Office Theme” and select “Black”. To toggle between the background color of the page in black and white, you must click on “View” and then click on “Change modes”.

Disable Dark Mode

However, if you prefer to use the white background, you can activate it in the path “File”, “Options”, “General” and “Customize the copy of Microsoft Office” where the checkbox “Disable dark” must be enabled to always keep the color of the page white.

Although for now it is an improvement only available to users of the Development Channel, it should not take too long to reach other users.

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