Mijia Smart Mini Pulsator: the washing machine that you can place anywhere

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We are no longer surprised to see how Xiaomi, through its proprietary brands, such as Mijia, continues to launch all kinds of devices and devices on the market, and washing machines are not an appliance alien to the ChineseEspecially if we take into account that last May they put a model on their crowdfunding platform that we can consider as the predecessor of the one that comes now.

Is about a compact, mini washing machine, specially designed for those users who do not have too much space in their homes in which to wash clothes with a conventional model. If you live alone, or you are a couple in an apartment of a few square meters, this Xiaomi model will be of great help, as well as in those cases in which traveling with this gadget is not annoying. It fits anywhere because it is really compact and small.

The washing machine that doesn’t look like a washing machine

One of the keys to this Mijia Smart Mini Pulsator Washing Machine it doesn’t look like a washing machine. If you leave it in the bathroom, next to the laundry basket, you will see that it can pretend to be a garbage can.There is even a top cover that is where we load the clothes in each wash. To give you an idea, measures 72.1cm. high, 41.2 wide and 42.2 deep And when it comes to getting started, it offers noise levels of 48 dB.

New Mijia Smart Mini Pulsator washing machine.

Obviously its size quite limits the amount of clothes we can wash, reaching a top of three kilos with the possibility of using with hot and cold programs. In total, this washing machine offers 16 different modes that include cleaning our daily clothes or specific presets for silk garments and other materials. According to the manufacturer, in the case of underwear, it has a program that “protects the privacy and health” of users.

New Mijia Smart Mini Pulsator washing machine.

Despite its size, you can wash your clothes at temperatures over 80º, which in these times of pandemic is great for us because it can disinfect (with 99.9% effectiveness) the entire laundry of viruses, bacteria and other organisms that adhere to our clothes, such as mites in underwear. Finally, the washing machine offers a function that allows the wash cylinder to perform a self-wash (forgive the redundancy) at a high temperature that prevents the growth of bacteria over time and use.

As with this type of device, We can configure it and see how the washing process is going through the screen of our mobile, thanks to the official app in which we monitor each process that the washing machine carries out. It is for sale on the Xiaomi Youpin platform at a price of 1,099 yuan, that is, about 140 euros to change.