Mobile banking 2.0: much more than just paying with your mobile and without commissions

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Mobile banking 2.0: much more than just paying with your mobile and without commissions
Mobile Banking 2.0 Much More Than Just Paying

You play online, pay online, you talk on WhatsApp, you make video calls with your friends, you have the list of the purchase on mobile… you also have the calendar on it, with vacations, stays and birthdays.

In fact, it is all quite similar to how your parents did it, but at the same time, it is completely different because of the potential it brings use your smartphone to manage many aspects of your day today.

And your money? Are you still managing it as if we were in the 20th century? The same is a good time for a change. Rebellion Pay is an app to pay with your mobile, an online account without commissions and a Mastercard® card with which you can make all payments from your mobile, from the rent of the apartment to Netflix.

A bank 24/7 on your mobile

Rebellion Pay allows you to move money what do you use daily No commissions, in the bank or instant transfers through a quick payment system between users.

If you are one of those who carry everything, everything, on mobile, forget about the formalities and rigidity of traditional banking, branches with long queues and waiting times, outdated passbooks, commissions and conditions that no one understands.

In Rebellion Pay you manage your money in the most efficient way, without paying for it. Open your account online without commissions in Rebellion Pay It will not take you more than 5 minutes, and with it you can start paying safely from your smartphone with all the guarantees offered by the Apple Pay or Google Pay platforms.

Leave your wallet at home, now you can pay with your smartphone

With Rebellion Pay you don’t even need a physical card, because … for what? Thanks to the NFC technology integrated in your smartphone, you can make payments from your mobile just by approaching it to the store’s contactless payment terminal. Just like you did with the card, but without the card!

Also, so that your online shopping is much safer, Rebellion Pay offers you the wallet card function. You can create a virtual wallet in which to recharge the amount of the purchase that you are going to make and, in this way, avoid fraud and unwanted online payments.

This card acts as a virtual prepaid card which limits the available balance to the amount you indicate.

Transparency is one of the great advantages of using Rebellion: all the movements of your expenses, or what they pay you, is reflected in real-time in your account. No delays in management or deadlines. Technology to make your life easier.

Forget about friends who owe you money paying for tapas “a pachas” is much easier if you are from Rebellion. Pay what you owe or ask for your money, with immediate transfers you will be in the account at the moment and No commissions.

This system will allow you to send or receive payment of the amount which corresponds to each one easily and immediately since all these operations are executed in real-time. Now money travels to your mobile at 4G speed!

Also, for the past few weeks, Rebellion has reinforced its app with interesting raffles and promotions on streaming or gaming content platforms, so you can save you a few euros when making your favourite purchases.

Rebellion Pay is the new way of technology banking that gives you just what you need to buy without complications, without commissions and without conditions that nobody understands. A few clicks when it comes to paying and … something else.

You can download the Rebellion Pay app from Apple Store or Google play.

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