Monkey takes the ‘bike’ and grabs the little girl: BossLogic makes fun of the video

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Monkey takes the 'bike' and grabs the little girl: BossLogic makes fun of the video

In recent days, a video in which a monkey arrives with a toy “motorcycle”, grabs a little girl and tries to take it with him, fortunately being “kicked out” by those present (you can see it at the bottom of the news, but these are images that could impact someone’s sensitivity).

According to reports from various international sources, including Daily Mail and Indian Express, everything would have taken place in the Tanjungsari village, Indonesia. The incident ended in the right direction and nobody got hurt, although obviously the images are leaving Web users stunned. Needless to say, the multimedia content is making a lot of discussions, between those who say it is a fake and who says it really happened. The inevitable discussions on Reddit. In any case, the video has gone around the world and has collected over 34.4 million views.

Multimedia content it also attracted BossLogic’s attention, or the artist was chosen by Ubisoft to present Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In fact, Kode Abdo, this is the real name of the Australian designer and illustrator, has published on his official Instagram profile a false ironic poster of a phantom Michael Bay film called “The Vendetta” (complete with the subtitle “No More Monkey Business”), in which a little girl is seen running away from a monkey on a toy motorcycle.

In conclusion, BossLogic wanted to make fun of the video who is travelling around the world these days and the world of the Web seems to have liked his “work”.

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