Motorola presents a headset for children, the Squads 300

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Motorola incorporates the new children’s headphones Squads 300. Distributed in Spain, this product has been specifically designed for use at the earliest ages. The volume limiter, the audio splitter and its design wireless, microlight Y long lasting They are positioned as the safest headphones for children from 3 years. In addition, they have the system Bluetooth 5.0, which allows easy and stable synchronization to smartphones, computers and tablets, among others.

Designed specifically for children: ultralight and resistant

Some headphones that are especially designed for children of early ages so there will be no risk in its use. If we start by looking at its design, we will find signals on the headphones that will tell us how to position ourselves correctly. They are ultralight and resistant helmets capable of withstanding the shocks of a young child who is playing with them. In addition to resistant, they are very insurance and they are fully compatible with games, tablets, computers, mobile phones or consoles of all kinds through their Bluetooth connection.

Since it is intended on a device geared towards the little ones, they count with hearing protection, thanks to the fact that they have a sound limiter that does not allow more than 85 dB so that they do not damage your ears. In addition to being ultra-light and ultra-resistant and can be transported anywhere, since they do not have cables, the smallest of the house will be able to feel free to position themselves in any position they want, to move, jump or dance to their favorite songs or with the cartoons they will see on the tablet.

Motorola Squads 300: headphones for kids

The Motorola Squads 300 are designed with an audio splitter that allows you to connect up to four headphones to the same source to reproduce the sound simultaneously, with this for example you can share with siblings or friends or if you want to watch a movie with them on the headphones themselves.

No wires or tangle, and with voice assistant

As we have mentioned above. One of its mottos is “No cables or tangles”, with Bluetooth 5.0 connection and the characteristics of an “older” headset. Are compatible with Alexa, with Siri and with Google Assistant if we use the Motorola Hubble Connect for Verve Life application and they allow us to take calls or play games that involve the use of a microphone. Ideal, for example, for video calls with grandparents or friends from school.

Now available in Spain

The Motorola Squads 300 are available in two colors, pink and blue. In the box we will find the headphones along with the audio splitter and the USB-C charger for a price of 29.99 euros.



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