Motorola Vervebuds 120: good sound, compact design and better price

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Since the Apple Airpods arrived the market for wireless headphones has grown exponentially, with many companies that have opted for this type of audio in our smartphones. Some TWS (true wireless stereo) that mean ending the cables forever and that have become a real liberation that allows us to get away from the mobile without having to carry it with us.

Motorola True Wireless VerveBuds 120. Motorola

But if there is a company that has been betting on wireless headphones for more years than Apple, that is Motorola that a decade ago had some models that are authentic references and that came to be advertised on television through a David Beckham who was still a footballer. Luckily, things have evolved a lot and now the VerveBuds range is back in the news for a new model that we already have available in stores.

Compact and discreet design

The new VerveBuds 120 from Motorola are an exercise in good taste in design and they continue what was seen in other models in the same range. Small, compact and are integrated into our ear in such a way that it seems that we are not wearing them. Moreover, as they do not protrude we will avoid accidental movements that send any of the headphones to the ground, which is the case with other models on the market inspired by Apple Airpods.

Motorola True Wireless VerveBuds 120. Motorola

These Motorola VerveBuds 120 arrive with bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a microphone in each of the headphones, so that we can make calls with a simple touch. That, in addition, allows them to work without problems with any virtual assistant that we carry on the smartphone. Be it Google, Alexa or Siri. With them we can give voice commands to initiate calls, music or write messages. Autonomy is another of the essential elements of a helmet of this type and that is why VerveBuds 120 arrive with five hours of uninterrupted operation that we can extend until 3pm with the help of its case, which offers superior charging of the headphones and which has a USB-C connector to fill them every night.

Finally the IPX6 certification. With her The VerveBuds 120 will withstand us taking them out for a walk on rainy days or that we exercise in workouts and training sessions that will make us sweat like chickens. Even in those last cases we will have nothing to fear because they will put up with everything. Are you interested in these helmets? Well You have them available at a price of 49.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website or department stores.

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