Mourning in Eduardo Capetillo’s family: the actor mourned the death of his brother, the rejoneador Carlos Arruza

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Actor and singer Eduardo Capetillo and his family are in mourning. Through a meaningful video shared on their social networks, Biby Gaytán’s husband revealed the death of his older half brother, the bullfighter Carlos Arruza Vázquez, who lost his life at the age of 67. Capetillo said goodbye to his relative with an emotional message recorded in the vicinity of his ranch and surrounded by nature.

“My dear brother Carlos stopped being with us on a physical plane three days ago but my brother did not leave, my brother is here, with me and there he will always be, in my heart, in my longings in my memories, in my love, in my sweetness “, the actor expressed with a saddened countenance.

This life process is known as a duel, what I do is go to the center of the core of my emotions and let all of them flow, whatever they may be, if you have to cry you have to cry, if you have to yearn you have to yearn, if it is necessary to remember, if it is necessary to reproach, but always controlling the emotions, that is the most beautiful thing that can be done in a case of this nature “, said the actor who has recently served as a lecturer and motivator.

From his ranch in Toluca, the actor celebrated the life of his half brother (Photo: Instagram @capetillo_eduardo)

The former Timbiriche did not reveal the causes of the bullfighter’s death -although versions assure that he died of natural causes at the family’s ranch, in Ocoyoacac, in Toluca, State of Mexico-, and he limited himself to expressing that his departure is an apprenticeship in life, because in his opinion, the only sure thing that human beings have is that at some point we will die, which is why he sadly fired his brother , but celebrating the legacy and promising that he will always carry it in his heart.

“Dear brother Carlos, rest in peace, I love you with all my heart, I respect you with all my affection and you already loved yourself, friend, because you will be here all the time,” he said moved, pointing with both hands to the left side of his chest.

The 50-year-old actor said that he decided to reveal this information through his social networks, since the news “for obvious reasons, is already taking other flights and I want you to see me, listen to me and feel me.”

Arruza debuted in 1971, heir to his father

Finally, the now speaker thanked him for the support shown by some of his more than 800 thousand followers. Even his wife Biby Gaytán and his daughters Paula and Alejandra also said goodbye to the bullfighter with photographs and loving words in their stories on their profiles in networks.

“I love you very much, I thank you very much for your words of encouragement and love,” said Capetillo and later shared some photographs of the career of Arruza Vázquez.

The actor's wife also shared photographs of the deceased bullfighter as a sign of admiration (Photo: Instagram @capetillo_eduardo)

Carlos Ruiz Vázquez, his real name, was the son of the first marriage between María del Carmen Vázquez, mother of Eduardo Capetillo, and the bullfighter Carlos Arruza – also known as the Mexican Cyclone in the bullfighting environment of the country-, who still live. He was also the brother of the bullfighter Manolo Arruza. He was born on November 7, 1953 in Mexico City, made his debut in the ring on November 7, 1971 in the Plaza de Celaya and mainly dedicated himself to bullfighting on horseback.

Carlos was quite recognized in the bullfighting environment by family tradition, after his debut at the beginning of the 70s, little by little he was gaining a place of his own, despite coming from a bullfighting dynasty, to the point that in 1976 he was able to perform at the Monumental Plaza México.


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