MP3Food, an online tool to cut and join MP3 files

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At the moment we do not tend to interact much with MP3 files, considering that streaming services are the busiest way to consume music. However, this depends on the nature of whose activities. So, we may have needs with these types of files, beyond the musical content. If this is your case and you need to cut an MP3 or join several audios, then we will present you a perfect tool for it.

Its name is MP3Food and it is a web page where you can join and trim audios in a super simple way.

So you can trim or join MP3 from the browser

We always talk about the circumstances in which online and desktop tools are most appropriate. If you need to carry out a process very frequently, the best is a desktop app. On the other hand, if the frequency with which you carry out this task is not as followed, an online app may work for you. In that sense, MP3Food can be used from the browser and is perfect to help us in those moments when we do not have an audio editor installed.

The process of using MP3Food stands out for its ease and the interface of the solution is very simple and easy to see.

Once inside the website, on the main page you will see two tabs at the top “Audio Cutter” and “Audio Joiner”. In the first you can cut MP3 files, while in the second you can join them. The process is as simple as dragging the audio onto the interface and when it loads you will be able to see the waves that make it up. From there, all you have to do is move the controls to define the section to trim.

As for joining files, the procedure is exactly the same, with the difference that we will have two audios on the screen and we will have to join them at the point we want. MP3Food will be very useful when requiring small changes such as cropping or joining audio files and best of all, it is completely free.

To prove it, follow this link.


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