Myths and hoaxes of the Instagram algorithm [Vídeo]

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Brian Adam
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Instagram orders the content that it shows to each user not with a chronological criterion, but based on a hundred different variables, as we explained to you in this article about the Instagram algorithm. What the company intends is that, every time each of us accesses the social network, first of all find the new content that, a priori, they may like the most, and that more interactions can generate (I like you, comments … ) in order that users spend more time on the platform and their experience is more satisfactory.

However, the existence of this algorithm means that you have to know how it works to create publications that position better on the social network and users see them more. This is key for companies, for influencers, but also for any user who wants to have more reach on Instagram.

This also gives rise to rumors and hoaxes about how the Instagram algorithm works, such as the ones we explain in this video where we try to demystify them so that you do not fall into wrong beliefs:

And it is very easy to get carried away by rumors and think that you have to make the publications in a certain way, upload them at a certain time, or seek the interaction of others at a certain time to beat the Instagram algorithm.

That is why it is vital to know how the Instagram algorithm does not work and avoid these false beliefs. Understanding how it actually works will be the only way to develop a suitable strategy for each account, and always based on your interests, the audience you are targeting … and many other variables that must be considered when carrying out a Social Media Plan , or in this case, a plan to increase the presence on Instagram and achieve the objectives that one sets.


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