Netflix explains how the ‘timer’ works that it is already testing on Android

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Netflix does not stop still and after raising up much of the world of cinema for its functions to accelerate or delay the reproduction of any content, now it has got down to work to introduce a tool that can come in handy when we need end a series marathon at a specific time.

It is what is usually known as a timer, an option that marks a series of minutes from which a countdown begins and when it reaches zero, it stops what we are playing. It is not something that is usually seen within our devices, but in this case it may be more than justified for those users who have the habit of getting into bed and continue with the chapter that they had half until they fall asleep.

Mark the time the series will stop

This feature is reaching a few Android users, who are already testing it on their devices to see that it does not give errors. It’s basically about a new control that appears at the top right of the screen and that, when pressed, will offer us a whole series of alternatives to stop the playback, as you can see in the screenshot that you have just below.

New Netflix ‘timer’ function. Netflix

As you can see, There are five options in total, ranging from disabled on the left to 15, 20 and 45 minutes Or, in case none of those periods fits what we need, we always have to choose the end of the chapter, the movie or whatever we are enjoying. In addition, under each period it includes an hour, in case we have to end the viewing at an exact moment because we have met someone and we have to leave, for example.

Once the timer is running, we can continue to see what we are doing without problems and no element will appear that bothers us on the screen reminding us that the minutes pass. Only when the timer has five seconds left a countdown will appear at the top, in the center of the screen notifying us that playback is about to be interrupted and that Netflix is ​​going to shut down. As we say, for now this feature is reaching only Android users so it is to be imagined that when they verify from the platform that everything works without problems, we could enjoy a global launch that also reaches iOS.

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