Netflix knows what you like and already downloads content before you ask it

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It is what current platforms have, that by being able to see everything we do, what we see, select, visit and navigate (through their menus), they think they can guess what it is that we are going to enjoy next. Be it a chapter, a movie or a documentary. So Netflix has launched a function that will be very useful to all those who when they finish a series, do not know where to go.

Although we already talked to you a few months ago about this function, when the Americans put it to the test in one of its beta versions, it is now when it has started to reach all accounts in a generalized way and that it will not be activated as standard, since we will have to be the ones to do it specifically.

Netflix knows what you like, before you?

“Downloads for you” is the new function that you can activate within the “downloads” tab, which you have at the bottom of the app on your smartphone. There, you will see this new functionality that you can activate If you want Netflix to get down to business by downloading those content that might interest you long before you discover them.

New automatic download function.

The idea is that while you are seeing something else, the application will choose possible alternatives to continue enjoying any Netflix content. Obviously, behind such a movement is that competition of all platforms for our free time, to prevent us from jumping to another and lowering the percentages of viewings.

According to Patrick Flemming, director of product innovation at Netflix, “Whether you’re a comedy fan caught on a long car ride, or a romantic comedy lover without the internet, we do the work so there is always something new waiting to entertain you and delight it. “As you can imagine, this function uses, above all, our viewings history and we will not have to do anything except guarantee the application that there is enough space on the smartphone to download everything.

This function it is an evolution that goes a little beyond those smart downloads that Netflix already had and that they allowed the application to download the episodes of a series that we are watching in advance and, as we finished them, delete them. A practice that guarantees us to continue watching series, films and documentaries at any time, regardless of whether we have mobile coverage or a Wi-Fi network to hook up to.

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