Netflix prepares changes and you can manage the list of series you are watching

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It is one of the sections that we visit the most on any streaming video platform because is the one that allows us to quickly get to what we are seeing But, of course, there are times when we are accumulating some titles that do not interest us and that if we hit the play at the time, either it was a mistake, or they ended up not interesting us.

With that on the table, Netflix has thought that it would be a good idea that even that list of contents that we are seeing, to resume them, could be edited in some way, to allow the user to easily access those contents that they have halfway. So said and done and the news is coming to mobile apps coming soon.

In the case of Android, this function is already available, with a menu that allows you to remove from that “keep watching” series or movies that we don’t want to see again there. In the case of iOS, however, we will have to wait a little more, although not too much: it will be on the 29th of this month when we can test it thanks to an update in the App Store.

Tops and list of series seen

This novelty comes to join many others that we have seen on the platform in recent months and that sought to the user was able to customize all the main elements of their home screen. The inclusion of the Tops, for example, was a milestone in the platform, so little given to give viewing numbers of the different contents, or of which series and movies are the most viewed within the platform.

Remove content from function 9to5Apple

Before, the Americans added functions to erase from history everything that we do not intend to record anywhere, in the case at some point we want to start from scratch to see something. So this new function to clean what we can “continue seeing” is one of those ideas that one wonders why they have taken so long to arrive. Surely, because there are always more urgent things.

According to the media that have advanced this update, Netflix is ​​also trying with these changes to make it slightly faster access to episodes, information and ratings by adding them directly to our menu when we visit any title. In this way, we could avoid having to go to the start page of the series or the movie, thus saving precious time coming and going on the phone.

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