Netflix will have a ‘I’m going to be lucky’ mode throughout this year

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Random play mode is not unknown to most of us. Who else who has least ever experimented with him on a streaming music platform and, even a few years ago (16 specifically), Apple launched an iPod that was named, precisely, Shuffle, because as it lacks a screen, the only way to listen to music was by playing it randomly.

In the case of series and movies, it is probably not so easy to choose this shuffle play, although Netflix has been experimenting with it for almost half a year, since in August 2020 we became aware of the platform’s plans. Now, it seems confirmed that Reed Hastings’s will include it in the first half of this newly released 2021.

Much algorithm and user tastes

This random playback function will appear on the main screen of the application as a shortcut where we can grant all power and control to the platform. Thus, the moment we activate it, Netflix will begin to choose content based on what we have already seen, what we like and of potential series and films that could interest us.

‘Shuffle play’ mode in the Netflix application for Smart TV. TechCrunch

It has been Netflix itself that has confirmed the news to some media, indicating that they have been working on it for some time and that They will be able to distribute it to the whole world in the coming months. A function that comes to serve as a help to those users who steal the entire catalog of North Americans and who, after finishing a marathon of some fiction, get stuck looking at everything there is without knowing what to choose.

As of this shuffle play is available, we can discover little jewels that are inside the Netflix catalog and that for whatever reason we have not reached them yet. Mainly, because the barrage of news every month is such that there is hardly time to know them all. Also, as you can see in the photo you have above, It will be Netflix that invites us to start a shuffle play at the moment you see us hanging around the menus of its different sections for too long. Clear indication that we are very lost and not clear about what to see next. So you know, soon you can entrust yourself to this ‘I’m going to be lucky’, like Google’s, but with series, films and documentaries in between. Now you cannot say that you have nothing to do …


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