Netflix will make it much easier for you to choose what to watch next

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It seems that in time Netflix is ​​succumbing to the uses and customs of many other applications who have no qualms about publishing daily what is the most listened to or the most popular of all that they offer. Something that Americans have had a hard time accepting and that in recent months has led them to let us know what series, films or documentaries occupy the different positions of the Top 10 of the platform.

With this data, it is easier to know what is the most viewed, what is being liked the most and, therefore, they offer us ideas of where the shots of the next thing that we will begin to see are going. Now, at least when it comes to smart TV apps, Reed Hastings thought it would be a good idea to add a new section where to publish what is being consumed the most at every moment within the streaming service.

New and popular

That is the name of the new section that they have begun to introduce in a good part of the applications for smart TV that North Americans have. A place where the content that meets these two conditions will go: that they are recent in their release date (both present and future) within the platform and that a good number of users are seeing them or that, failing that, they are highly, highly anticipated.

New Netflix menu in Smart TV apps. Netflix

This function was already seen a few months ago, in April, in a test period that seems to have been satisfied and, hence, they have been encouraged to publish it in a generalized way. As we mentioned before, This section will come to occupy its own space where all the news will go that are produced within the “Coming Soon”, “Top 10” and “New” sections, in such a way that it will serve as a place to go to see what is the last thing that they have added to Netflix or what is to come next.

And there are many occasions in which it is difficult to know what takes more or less time, so This “New & Popular” will be an indispensable ally if you are one of those who enter the platform every few days to check what changes have occurred. So much so that in addition to those three almost informative sections, we will have another one focused exclusively on offering us information about what is to come, whether they are premieres for the following days or for several months from now.