New renders show what the design of the future iPad Air will look like

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Concept designs of the new iPad Air.

It has been the most unexpected surprise in recent days when Through Twitter it was known that the next iPad Air were going to erase the line that separates them from the Pro models, as far as design is concerned, unlike the forms that have been in force over the last seven years since the presentation of the first model in October 2013, and that have served to feed all the ranges of tablets of the from Cupertino.

Concept design of the new iPad Air.
Concept design of the new iPad Air.

Until 2018. At which point Apple showed the world the new lines of the iPad Pro, with a much tighter thickness, noticeably smaller bezels and full compatibility with a series of accessories that have their main claim in the Apple Pencil and official keyboards. Be that as it may, now that the surprise has been uncovered, renders are arriving that offer us a clear perspective of what the new devices will look like.

Concept design of the new iPad Air.
Concept design of the new iPad Air.

A clone of the iPad Pro

It is clear that 2020 will be for Apple the year of the reunification of the designs of all its ranges. Both the new iPhone 12, as the iPad Air (and mini?) Are going to approach the lines marked by the iPad Pr modelsor launched in 2018, with straighter, less rounded edges and very small bezels that are at the limit of what our fingers can grasp without reaching into the 10.8-inch screen.

Concept design of the new iPad Air.
Concept design of the new iPad Air.

Although the hardware they will have has not been confirmed and we will know it completely, with almost total security, next week in the online keynote prepared by those from Cupertino, the only thing that all sources agree on is to remember that there will be no Face ID in these tablets, since Apple has preferred to reconvert its Touch ID to adapt it to the new times. As there is no longer that circular Home button, the biometric fingerprint sensor passes to the one that for a long time was the on / off sensor, and which is now blocking, as you can see in the image that you have just below.

Design of the new power button with Touch ID.
Design of the new on / off button with Touch ID.

Given the forms, we will see how far Apple goes when it comes to including specifications that until now have been exclusive to the iPad Pro: will they be compatible with the official Magic Keyboard? Will they add four dynamic speakers to improve multimedia reproduction like in the more expensive models? While we get answers to those questions, nothing like enjoying these renders and those new lines that will be made official in just a week. Maybe September 8?