New Xiaomi Mijia Pro robot vacuum cleaner: up to 4,000 pascals of suction and a binocular system to avoid any obstacle

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The second part of the Xiaomi event that was held today has allowed us to know the new Xiaomi logo, but also products such as its new robot vacuum cleaner, which bears the surname Pro and aspires to become a benchmark in this competitive segment.

The robot, with a black color and a striking design, take advantage of a binocular vision system that allows you to avoid small objects such as cables that may be on the ground

This robot sees everything

Although most robots can dodge large obstacles like furniture, they have it more difficult with other obstacles like the little cables that may be on the ground.


Xiaomi’s new robot vacuum cleaner solves this problem with a new “multi-dimensional stereo recognition system” that is based on the use of binocular cameras (one with a 3D ToF depth sensor, the other an RGB camera) and X-CrossAI machine vision technology. It is, they say at Xiaomi, like having an autonomous vehicle at home.

This robot makes use of a processor with four cores in its CPU and two NPUs which are in charge of processing the information from the artificial intelligence system that manages all this new obstacle recognition system.


Thanks to this system, it is possible to avoid and dodge objects that are often on the ground from the house such as cables or slippers, but also the legs of tables and chairs that will make the robot change direction.

The same happens when a carpet is also detected and we have activated the mop function that is not suitable for that fabric. According to Xiaomi, the new robot vacuum cleaner is able to recognize different soil materials such as marble or wood.

That will make it adapt and apply different moisture capacity and suction power in vacuuming and mopping work. After setting that option, the robot will remember that option for each of those surfaces.


There are also improvements to the LDS laser home mapping function, which allows better identification of each room without us having to specify in that plan of the house which is the bathroom and which is the living room, for example, and adapt to that information.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a suction power up to 4,000 pascals, a 5,200 mAh battery and a capacity in its tank of 550 ml.

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Mijia Pro robot vacuum

The new Xiaomi Mijia Pro robot vacuum cleaner will go on sale in China on April 2 at a price of 2,999 yuan (387.59 euros at the change).

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