New Years, New Look: This is what Belinda looks like in the first days of the year

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Singer Belinda He started the year in a way few artists could have done, because despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic also affected him in his projects, the actress also decided to keep working, creating projects from her home and releasing albums from internet and streaming platforms.

But Belinda takes into account that this year is a clean slate, and she is focused on giving her appearance a new twist, in order to look radiant and remain one of the most requested artists. For this reason she gave a new look change, now with long hair with a slightly rosy, straight tone; highlighting her blue eyes with a crimson-dyed leather jacket and pants, such how it appeared on the new magazine cover Elle:

With flared hair and a red suit, this is how Belinda decided to transform for this new year (Photo: Instagram @ belindapop- Elle magazine)

And it is that, after having spent some quite animated end-of-year parties, in the company of her family and Christian Nodal, the singer looks more than ready to restart her projects, once the COVID-19 pandemic allows the other activities will return to continue working. Meanwhile, the actress and everyone close to her enjoyed a private fireworks show and special service during their end of the year celebration.

The party was not all spectacle, they were reason for good impressions for the followers of the couple, since during the celebration they did not use any protection measures such as face masks or healthy distance, which puts them at risk of catching COVID-19, which generated that various users of social networks did not see the celebration with good eyes, in addition to having a waitress service, however they did use protective masks.

To make the couple’s outlook a little worse in the face of the disease, Christian Nodal’s mother published a comment in which she reported that several members of her family tested positive for COVID-19, and that was why she received various messages of support from part of the followers of their son in which they wished them a speedy recovery from the terrible disease. However, so far it is unknown who would have been infected and where it would have happened.

Some photos of the celebration between Belinda and Christian Nodal (Screenshot: Instagram)

Belinda’s career has been active despite the paralysis of much of the entertainment industry due to the COVID pandemic. She He has dedicated himself to following his musical career, focused on collaborations with various artists of electronic music and reggaeton, in the same way as Nodal, who worked hand in hand with other artists such as Ángela Aguilar, the recent star of one of the most important dynasties of traditional Mexican music.

Although if something came to give a greater rise in popularity in Belinda’s career during this difficult year, it was her constant participation in a reality show directed by TV Azteca and, of course, the news of her romance with Nodal, one of the artists. most popular of the moment and whose career has skyrocketed over the past two years, going as far as being nominated to win a Latin Grammy Award for his album “Ayayay!”


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