New York exceeds 1,200 dead and 66,000 infections by coronavirus

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New York exceeds 1,200 dead and 66,000 infections by the coronavirus

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that in the last few hours there had been 1,014 new hospitalized, bringing the number of patients in medical centres to 9,500, of whom 2,000 are in intensive care.

New York Exceeds 1,200 Dead And 66,000 Infections By Coronavirus
New York Exceeds 1,200 Dead And 66,000 Infections By Coronavirus

New York State, the largest focus of Coronavirus in the United States, has recorded to date 66 thousand 497 Covid-19 infections and thousand 218 deaths, announced Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference in a field hospital with 2,500 beds that will begin operating today.

“In terms of the number of cases, the curve continues to rise, with 6,984” more than yesterday, Cuomo said from the Javits convention centre, which will host the new emergency facilities.

The governor, who praised the joint work being done by all the hospitals in the state, explained that in the last hours there had been 1,014 new hospitalizations, bringing the number of patients in medical centres to 9,500, of which 2,000 are found in intensive care, which is 315 more than yesterday.

Cuomo also wanted to highlight that a total of 4 thousand people have been discharged.

The country, the main focus of the disease worldwide, has registered nearly 150,000 cases of Covid-19, with New York at the top, followed by New Jersey with 13,386 instances, California with six mi 266 and Michigan with 5 thousand 472.

Cuomo, who as has become habitual, has taken refuge in the offensive language to tackle the health crisis, assured that this is not the time to politicize the situation.

“No to politicization, no to partisanship, no to division, there is no time for this,” he said before stressing: “We are in a dire situation, it is more important than politics and partisanship; and if there is division, the virus will beat us. If there is a time for unity, folks, this is it. ”

Despite the wrong data, Cuomo also pointed out that, although the number of cases continues to rise, the rate at which they grow is slowing down and the registry of infected people has gone from doubling every two days to taking six days to do so.

The governor also warned that the price of respirators has risen from $ 20,000 a unit, before the crisis, to $ 50,000, to which he is contributing, he blamed, the fact that all states, the Hospitals and the federal administration are trying to buy the same devices from the same providers.

He also highlighted the importance of accumulating supplies for when the peak of infection by Covid-19 arrives, to “prepare for battle”.

“If you wait for the storm to hit it’s too late, you have to prepare before it hits and, in this case, the storm will be when the peak (of contagion) occurs,” he said before warning that he did not have “the ball glass “to know when it will happen.

Before his regular press conference, Cuomo participated in the reception of the military medical ship Comfort that arrived in port this morning with the mission of easing the pressure on local hospitals, with 750 beds that will serve patients without coronavirus.

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