New York Governor Asks Army to Intervene

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New York Governor Asks Army to Intervene

New York Governor Asks Army to Intervene

Pressures are mounting for the mayor to order the closure of the city

The future letter has not yet reached the White House, where President Donald Trump continues to minimize the pandemic. Still, the authorities in New York realize that the European reality is already present in the United States. With 613 confirmed cases, New York is about to beat Washington state, where a nursing home became the epicentre of the infection.

The city of skyscrapers accounts for half of all cases registered in the State and the only one killed. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday the closure of public schools in the largest city in the United States to curb the new coronavirus pandemic.

“I regret to announce that starting tomorrow our public schools will be closed,” de Blasio said at a press conference. The move, he said, will last until April 20, and possibly for the entire school year. The movement is a result of pressure from parents, educators and local hospital workers on De Blasio.

The New York mayor resisted because he knows that hundreds of thousands of children depend on the school canteen, not to mention parents who do not have the means to pay the stratospheric prices of a ‘babysitter’ in New York, where family nuclei are scarce.

“I am not making this appeal lightly,” Scott Stringer said yesterday on Twitter. We need to act now. The consequences of not doing them will be devastating. The absence of diagnostic tests during the first two months of the epidemic suggests that the virus has been circulating for a long time without being detected, so it is too late to contain the infection.

State Governor Andrew Cuomo asked the federal government to take the lead and order the national closure of all schools and businesses to avoid a collapse of the health system like the one being seen in Italy or Spain, where at least there is social health universal and free. In Brooklyn, a teacher who became ill after returning from Italy has finally gotten a diagnostic test, which has come back negative. What will your bank account look like after receiving a $ 10,400 hospital bill, Erin McCarthy told The City.

In anticipation of the looming health catastrophe, the New York governor has called for the National Guard to intervene to set up field hospitals. “Each country affected by this crisis has handled it nationally, but the United States has not,” he emphasized in the opinion article published today by the New York Times. “States and local governments simply do not have the capabilities or resources to do what is needed, and we do not want patch policies.”