News VOD 13/21: ‘Dota: Dragon’s Blood’ the Netflix anime that was born on Steam

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VOD news brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … And this is MC, we are very geeks of ours and miss the opportunity to highlight something like Dota: Dragon Blood it was hard to resist, so here we go with it, despite the regrets.


So we started with Netflix, what a remedy. But it is on Netflix where this week has been released Dota: Dragon Blood… but also a lot of other things that we will list below.

Dota: Dragon Blood

First of all, what was said: Dota: Dragon Blood, the new Netflix anime series based on the popular Valve game and Steam star, of which we already told you the main thing last month. And little else should be added, the truth: Dota: Dragon Blood the story is invented around the fantastic world of RTS and the result is … on the verge of crap, why fool ourselves. But if you have ever played the title of yore, you will be amused to see Dota: Dragon Blood And it won’t mean much to you either, since it only has eight chapters.

The Irregulars

We could say something similar about The Irregulars, another premiere series on Netflix, this one with real actors, but also a rehash of the rehash. The difference with Dota: Dragon Blood is that it changes the universe of the game for that of Sherlock Holmes, falling into the typical mamandurrias of the platform: multicultural cast of scrambled youngsters. That is where the problem lies, in forcing things. At the very least, the actors are good, the production decent, and the premise curious.

More exclusive content:

  • Secret Magic Control Agency. “The famous Hansel and Gretel in the tale are now secret agents, and must use magic, intelligence and teamwork to find a lost king.”
  • Love (special guests: marriage and divorce) (T1). “The lives of three successful women who work on a radio show are reeling as ups and downs and problems shake their seemingly happy marriages.”
  • The camp of my life. In this motivational musical, a troubled teenager goes to summer camp. To his surprise, there he finds love, friendship and a place where he finally fits. “
  • On the same wave. “After meeting at a summer camp in Sicily, reality shakes two young lovers when a painful truth leads them to make a momentous decision.”
  • Moron. “A young woman who is widowed shortly after marriage deals with her inability to feel sorry, her peculiar family and a surprising discovery about her late husband.”
  • Magic for Humans Spain with El Mago Pop (T1). “In this Spanish version of ‘Magic for Humans’, the Pop Magician hits the streets of Barcelona to fascinate people of all ages with his incredible tricks.”
  • Nickel! USA (T5). “In this crazy contest, a group of amateur pastry chefs with dubious experience try to create edible masterpieces to win a prize of $ 10,000.”
  • Who Killed Sara? (T1). “Determined to take revenge and prove that he was wrongly accused of the murder of his sister, Alex sets out to discover much more than the true culprit of the crime.”
  • Seaspiracy: Unsustainable Fishing. “A filmmaker in love with the sea sets out to document the damage humans cause to marine species … and uncovers alarming corruption on a global level.”
  • Shtisel (T3). “A Haredi family living in an Utra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem deals with love, loss and the ups and downs of everyday life.”
  • A bad trip. “In this April Fool comedy with a hidden camera, two friends go on a wild road trip to New York and involve real people in their wild adventures.”

New chapters:

  • Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker (T2)

Enter catalog:

  • Barry Seal: The Dealer
  • Black is beltza
  • The Pui Pui (T1)
  • No joke

Amazon Prime Video

We continue with Amazon Prime Video, which, as happens when it releases original material, the number of titles that enter the catalog decreases … which is not always good.


In his case, the most prominent premiere of the platform for this week is that of his new Spanish series, Temperance, a period soap opera based on the novel by María Dueñas.


More exclusive content:

  • Invincible (T1). “Animated adult superhero series revolving around 17-year-old Mark Grayson, who is like any other boy his age, only his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man.”
  • Lost Bullets Tour in Madrid. “Convert from Morat, the band with the highest ticket sales in LATAM and Spain in recent years.”

New chapters:

  • American Gods (T3)
  • Tell me how it happened (T21)

Enter catalog:

  • 18if (T1)
  • 1917
  • Home for christmas
  • Who does Gilbert Grape love?
  • Absentia (T2)
  • Adaptation. The Orchid Thief
  • Burn
  • Beavers: Patagonia Invaders
  • Corpse
  • Farewells
  • Behind the mirror
  • Double game
  • The Lumberjack
  • The best day of my life
  • The bear’s secret
  • Once upon a Time in America
  • Evelyn
  • Il ragazzo invisibile (The Invisible Boy)
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • 42nd street
  • The great battle
  • The great American scam
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • The chance of my life
  • The Gold Chimera
  • Occupied (T1-T2)
  • Rome, open city
  • Sherlock Yack (T1)
  • Top-hat
  • The Grandmaster
  • The [email protected] (T1)
  • One two Three
  • To live


As for HBO, it comes with several releases, but apart from the second season of Blessed patience, which has its point, or the black and white version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League that premiered last week, they are documentaries somewhat sui generis.

More exclusive content:

  • Blessed patience (T2). “Breeders brings to light the parental paradox that shows that it is possible to love your child to the end of the universe and at the same time be so angry that you would want to send him there.”
  • The day the sport stopped. “A documentary by Emmy Award-winning director Antoine Fuqua telling the story of the unprecedented cancellation of the entire sport in March 2020 and the remarkable turn of events that followed.”
  • The silent legacy. “A Bulgarian documentary that tells a story about the strength of the family.”
  • In the eye of the hurricane (T1). “Documentary about the evolution of the anonymous character known as” Q “, which reveals how he uses conspiracy theories and the information war on the internet.”
  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Justice is Gray. “Determined to ensure that Superman’s final sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne joins forces with Diana Prince to recruit a team to protect the world from an imminent threat of catastrophic proportions.”

New chapters:

  • Batwoman (T2)
  • Haunted (T3)
  • Genera + ion (T1)
  • Legacies (T3)
  • Mayans MC (T3)
  • Momma Named me Sheriff (T2)
  • Snowfall (T4)
  • Superman & Lois (T1)

Enter catalog:

  • Catwoman
  • Hannah
  • War of the Worlds
  • La Llorona
  • Tito Yayo
  • A jungle of madness
  • Vicky the viking

Disney +

Disney +, meanwhile, premieres a couple of original series, including its first Spanish miniseries …

More exclusive content:

  • Air kisses (T1). «Kisses in the air – Kisses in the Air are eight love stories set in confinement.
  • We are the best: a new era (T1). “Today in Minnesota, the Ducks have grown from a disparate rookie team to a super-competitive youth hockey organization.”

New chapters:

  • Inside Disney (T1)
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier(T1)
  • Marvel Studios Legends (T1)
  • The Simpson (T31)
  • WandaVision (T1)

Enter catalog:

  • Team A
  • Gnomeo and Juliet
  • Notorious

Apple TV +

And we end with Apple TV +, which …


… that takes the cake for the real freak of the week with Calls, a series that “unfolds through a series of phone calls, apparently everyday and disconnected, but which will quickly become surreal, as the characters face terrifying experiences …”. Presumably they used an iPhone to make them, but who knows.

New chapters:

  • For all mankind (T2)
  • Servant (T2)

Enter catalog:

  • Charlie Brown and the Easter Egg
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