News Xiaomi Day 2: robot vacuum cleaner, electric car, laptops and more

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Xiaomi has celebrated today the second day of its megaconference of 2021 with its new products for the year. Today they have announced big novelties, among which we find his entry squarely in the electric car market with a billion dollar investment, or a new logo.

Xiaomi enters the electric car market

After weeks of rumors, Xiaomi has finally confirmed its big bet on creating its own electric cars. To do this, they have announced an investment of 8,500 million euros for the next 10 years. The initial investment is 1,300 million euros to develop and create the first models. At the moment they have not shown photos or given dates of when they will present it.

New logo

The new xiaomi logo It leaves behind the classic square that they have had since their inception, and now they have a more modern rounded design in line with the MIUI interface. The logo of the name of Xiaomi itself has also been modified to be more in line with the new design philosophy, with more curved letters.

Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner Extreme Edition

Xiaomi has announced a new air conditioning model with an even more modern design than those it has been launching in recent years. After announcing the quietest, they have announced their most advanced model. It is capable of measuring the amount of CO2 in the air, as well as exchanging the air with the outside to improve air quality without getting cold in the process.

Its price is 3,599 yuan, about 466 euros to change.

Mijia Vacuum Pro

Xiaomi’s new Pro floor scrubbing robot vacuum is black. To avoid obstacles, Xiaomi has created the X-CrossAI, with a 3D TOF camera to detect objects and their depth. By doing this, if you see a cable on the ground, you will avoid it before you have to tangle with it. The same will happen with the legs of tables or rugs. We can choose the type of floor of the house, and the app will remember it. We also have automatic room detection without having to manually name them ourselves.

To perform all these calculations, it will have a quad-core processor, and two NPUs for AI tasks. The suction power goes up to 4,000 mAh, with a 5,200 mAh battery and a 550 ml reservoir.

Its price is 2,999 yuan, about 389 euros to change. At launch, its price will be 2,699 yuan, about 350 euros to change.

Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro

Xiaomi’s new humidifier has a more modern design and a more comfortable filling system, with a capacity of 600 ml per hour of humidification volume. In total it has 5 liters of capacity, being able to last a whole day. To disinfect the water, it has the same ultraviolet light system that eliminates 99% of microorganisms such as bacteria.

Its price is 899 yuan, about 117 euros to change. At the launch, its price will be 799 yuan, about 103.5 euros to change.

My Notebook Pro 15

Xiaomi has also launched today a new laptop pro with a thickness of only 15.9 mm. It has three Thunderbolt connectors and a 3.5mm jack for audio. It uses Intel Core i5-11300H processor, and NVIDIA MX450 graphics card. It also has improved cooling, WiFi 6, 100 W of charging power in a 66 Whr battery, Intel EVO certification that indicates speed, mobility and power.

The laptop screen is OLED E4, with a size of 15.6 inches, 3.5K resolution with 261 dpi, a delta E of around 1 with a calibration in the factory process, surpassing even MacBooks. They are protected by Gorilla Glass, which protects the front. The screen takes advantage of 93% of the front, with a ratio of 16:10. It also has an ambient light sensor. It has 600 nits of brightness, and 100% reproduction of the DCI-P3 color space, with a native 10-bit panel.

The start button has a fingerprint reader, and if you want to connect other cables, Xiaomi will sell a separate adapter for 89 yuan (11.5 euros) that will allow you to have a USB A connector, and an HDMI.

It will be available in three versions:

  • Intel Core i5 + 16 GB of RAM + 512 GB SSD: 6,499 yuan, about 843 euros.
  • Intel Core i5 + 16 GB of RAM + 512 GB SSD: 6,999 yuan, about 907 euros.
  • Intel Core i7 + 16GB RAM + 512GB SSD: 7,999 yuan, about 1,037 euros.

In May they will launch models with AMD 5000 series processors.

My Notebook 14 Pro

They have also announced a cheaper model with the same benefits. Its screen is 14 inches, with a 2.5K resolution at 120 Hz, and with an LCD panel instead of the OLED of the more expensive model. Their prices are:

  • Intel Core i5 + 16 GB of RAM + 512 GB SSD: 5,299 yuan, about 687 euros.
  • Intel Core i5 + 16GB of RAM + 512GB SSD: 5,999 yuan, about 778 euros.
  • Intel Core i7 + 16 GB of RAM + 512 GB SSD: 6,999 yuan, about 907 euros.

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