Nike creates an amazing system so you can put on their new shoes without touching them with your hands

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It may not be the self-lacing lace-up sneakers like Marty McFly’s, but the new Nike GO FlyEase they are a good intermediate step. It is a model that avoids having to use your hands to put them on, something especially striking in the midst of the pandemic.

It is true that they are not strictly the first to achieve it, but the mechanism devised by Nike engineers to solve this problem it’s really striking.

Look mom, now no hands

Some people already manage to put on their shoes without using their hands when they have the laces tied, but the normal thing in these cases is that the shoe fit a bit loose.

The Nike GO FlyEase make use of a rubber band that surrounds the lower part of the shoe. At Nike they call it “tensioner” because maintains that tension throughout the shoe both in open and closed position, and it also does so without laces.

The biggest challenge these designers faced was creating that peculiar hinge They wanted it to work without making the shoe appear broken and being able to fit different shoe sizes.

That hinge allows the sole separates just before the heel part, thus creating a greater opening to put in and take out the foot. Another key element of the design is the heel, where a protruding element allows you to easily step on to activate that hinge so that it opens and we remove the foot.

Nike introduces its first fully handsfree shoe the Go Flyease.
The sneaker giant is looking to take on Crocs w / the $ 120 sneaker that is being marketed as an everyday shoe for athletes, busy mothers, and people looking to touch their shoes less during the pandemic.

Although they initially intended the design for athletes, they soon realized that could be applied to anyone else and also to children, something that as indicated in the video would be especially useful for parents who could save time when preparing them for going to school or on a field trip.


Nike’s proposal is really striking and it certainly seems good idea in times of pandemic in which reducing contact with potential sources of contagion is important.

Nike is expected to start distributing them to some customers from February 15, and their global availability will arrive throughout 2021. Their price, they say, will be around 120 dollars.

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