Nimbus, the electric utility that intends to invade our cities

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Brian Adam
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On account of electric and sustainable mobility we have some exciting years ahead of us where countless firms will want to show us what they have in mind to revolutionize transport, especially in cities. And although vehicles for one or two people already existed, none have tried to reach the market in the form of a closed ecosystem that can be accessed in two ways.

Electric nimbus.

The idea that Nimbus, the company behind this small city electric utility, has come up with is that We can buy or rent it from the first minute. Well paying the 6,420 dollars at once, or agreeing to a monthly fee of about $ 100 per month. In return, and in any of the cases, we take home a vehicle that will have its own infrastructure of parking lots and refueling points where we can recharge the battery on a daily basis and that it will be possible to control via smartphone.

Nimbus recharging its batteries.

Three times greener than other EVs

That is the mantra that Nimbus wants to send us, that their vehicle not only does it not emit CO2 into the atmosphere because it is an electric EV Rather, both in the materials it uses and in all the manufacturing processes, no type of carbon footprint is generated that ends up deposited in the atmosphere. Be that as it may, its structure is built with aluminum and a thermoplastic coating, so it is very resistant and light, which gives it great resistance that makes the Nimbus a very safe car.

Interior of the Nimbus.

This is also helped by the presence of up to three airbags inside, a front with a steering wheel and a touch screen with which it is possible to control all the car’s settings (although it is optional). This Nimbus is manufactured in two models that differ, above all, in the autonomy and capacity of their batteries, which are 8.1 and 12.4 kWh., and which give the vehicle a total of 126 and 191 kilometers of driving range, respectively. To charge them again, we will need 5.4 and 8.3 hours, respectively, from a socket that we have in our own house (garage).

The engine of this Nimbus enables traction control and propels this EV at speeds of up to 80 km / h., which is very good for a city. So much so that it will be difficult to reach that maximum in any way. In any case, its power also means that it is capable of reaching 48 km / h. in 2.9 seconds. If you are interested, you can request information through the official page manufacturer.


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