Nine SEO positioning tricks for Pinterest

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Pinterest, the social platform for searching and curating images and videos, already has more than 442 million active users per month, which represents a unique opportunity for many companies looking for more visibility and improve your sales.

Pinterest works as a search engine that curates images based on user searches.

It works like a content and trends search engine, and to get that visibility and traffic, users must optimize SEO positioning of some parts of your accounts. In this sense, SEO for Pinterest is different in certain points from that used to position a web page in Google, for example, in the way the platform identifies and classifies keywords. In addition, the positioning factors of the network take into account the engagement metrics of the account, as well as the “social shares”, that is, the times the content is shared.

Therefore, the strategy on Pinterest has to be different. These are some of the tips to improve SEO for Pinterest:

-Set up the account: To improve visibility and traffic, the ideal is to have a “Business Account”, that is, a professional account, to have access to the analytics reports and advertisements of the platform. In this sense, you must choose a name for the account that contains the keyword, since it appears in the URL of the account. Before finishing with the creation of the account, it is necessary to optimize the profile, filling in all the sections using the appropriate keywords and creating at least one dashboard.

-Pinterest Tag: The Pinterest Tag is the equivalent of the Facebook pixel on Pinterest. It is a necessary element for those users looking to create an active campaign on Pinterest, since it allows to analyze conversions, segment the audience and create reports.

In the same way as the Facebook pixel, it is necessary to introduce a JavaScript code in the web page, which could be counterproductive for SEO when Core Web Vitals become a ranking factor in May 2021. Finally, it is You must verify the ownership of the web page so that the profile image is added to all the pins.

-Search for keywords: SEO for Pinterest needs a search for your own keywords, as it uses them to curate the content that is displayed in the feed, based on the user’s searches within the platform. Pinterest has a “guided search” option, which is similar to Google’s search predictions, that is, when conducting a search on Pinterest, it shows suggestions related to it.

-Plan a conversion strategy: Pinterest has longer conversion times than other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. In this sense, the user should plan what space this social network occupies within the company’s marketing strategy and give it importance if he identifies that his target audience is there.

-Organize the boards: By organizing the boards, Pinterest “learns” which keywords an account is working on. On the other hand, when a user accesses the account, the boards are the first thing that is displayed, so they must have an organized, neat and attractive appearance. To create greater engagement with users, the platform offers the possibility of creating custom covers for each board.

-Descriptions: Pin descriptions must be SEO optimized for Pinterest. In this sense, detailed descriptions of the content containing the correct keywords must be included, which will allow the platform’s engine to place the images in the correct searches. In addition, these descriptions give the user an idea of ​​what they will find when clicking.

-Create a pin: To position a pin it is necessary to know its anatomy. In this sense, the optimal size is 1000 by 1500 pixels, they also have to be colorful so that they are not confused with the background. When creating a title, it must contain the keywords and be attractive to improve visibility.

-Group boards: Like the LinkedIn or Facebook groups, Pinterest has a functionality to create “group boards”, which allow users who are part of the group to “pin”. These dashboards are a great way to improve the visibility and reach of an account.

-Optimize for the use of Lens: Pinterest has Lens technology to perform visual searches using the phone’s camera. To take advantage of this technology, creating a pin should use high-quality images related to the content of the product or article. In this way, when a user performs a search with Lens, the “pin” will appear under “Related Products”.


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