Nireeka Prime: electric, carbon fiber and with a lot of power and autonomy

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The speed at which the market for electric bicycles is evolving is astonishing, which is having a golden age around electric and sustainable mobility. And Nireeka has been characterized in recent times for developing some of the most interesting models, not only for its avant-garde designs and materials used, but for its outstanding electric motors and working autonomy which, unfortunately, in their European versions will be shortened by the legal framework that governs this type of vehicle.

Nireeka Prime.

The point is that It will be next December when the Prime model that Nireeka has developed reaches the market in recent times and that maintains that design that we could already glimpse in 2018 with the first crowdfunding of the brand, with some less powerful models. Now, we will have an electric bicycle that, both in power and autonomy, are above the average of the models that we usually bring to these pages.

Twist-proof design

Is Nireeka Prime is an electric bike that is built with carbon fiber, which makes it extremely resistant and light. So much so that its saddle is designed in suspension and is capable of resisting weights well above the average of other models. Even so, it has several engines ranging from 250 to 750 and, as a ceiling, the 1,000W that are capable of propelling us at speeds of up to 60.

The battery will have a capacity of between 360 and 840 WH, which allows it to reach a maximum range of 80 kilometers. A figure that is not bad at all if we take into account that it has several gait regimes, ranging from simple pedaling assistance to an almost motorcycle mode that will save us any effort. In addition, it has hydraulic brakes and a screen on the handlebar that will show us all the relevant information on speed, battery charge, type of driving, etc.

Keep in mind that these are the numbers of the motorization that Nireeka has designed for its Prime, but then in Europe these will vary significantly, and worse. As we mentioned before, the limitations imposed by the European Union for this type of vehicle do not allow its motorization to exceed 250W, so we will not be able to buy 750 or 1,000W models for our market. Precisely, The price of this Nireeka Prime in its intermediate model is $ 2,499, that is, about 2,120 euros to change.