Notebook Apple reveals: This is why Macbooks sometimes don’t charge even though they are connected to the electricity (it’s not a bug) 08/06/2020

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Sometimes you plug the charging cable into the Macbook, but the system reports “not charging”. A mistake? No. Apple wants to increase the longevity of the battery with a special function.

Do you know that? You plug the Macbook’s charging cable into the socket, but the battery indicator only shows “Not charging”. You check again whether the cable is properly seated, but nothing happens. A mistake? Imagination? Neither, says Apple, instead it is a completely “normal” process. In a new support document, the manufacturer gets to the bottom of the matter and explains that Mac computers “could temporarily pause the charging process in order to calibrate the battery status management”.

Specifically, this phenomenon can be observed in computers with the macOS 10.15.5 or higher operating system that rely on a Thunderbolt 3 interface for charging. These models have what is known as “battery health management”, which was introduced at the end of May and activated by default. This function is intended to ensure that the battery chemically ages more slowly.

Technical background: Lithium-ion batteries, as they are in almost all devices currently available, age chemically through the reaction between the negative electrode and the electrolyte. In everyday life, this means that the maximum capacity of the battery decreases with each charging cycle and users * have to connect the device to the socket more frequently.

Macbook: “Not loading” can also indicate the wrong cable

If the battery status management is active on the Mac, the “not charging” indicator “occasionally” appears in the battery status menu at the top of the screen. In addition, the maximum charge of the battery can be temporarily reduced, the group continues. This is the case, for example, when users frequently operate their device on electricity. Depending on usage behavior, the Mac will continue charging later until it reaches “100 percent”.

However, if the “Not loading” display is displayed for an unusually long time, it may be a warning. For example, if the Macbook does not receive enough power because the wrong cable or a weak power supply is used. For this reason, the original power supply unit or a product certified for the device category should always be used.

The new battery status management can be switched off manually in the system settings for “Save energy”.


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