Now Google Maps will allow you to pay in public parking lots

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Google Maps receives a new update and with it novel features that will allow you to pay in public parking lots and even get a train ticket.

The platform is combined with the mobile payment service Google Pay to give users the opportunity to cancel parking meters and public transport. All this under the same application. After this update, Android users can exploit these functions in more than 400 cities in the United States.

Now you can find and pay for parking meter positions with a single application

Passport and ParkMobile are the new Google Maps services. These features use Pay, the Google mobile app, to pay and replenish parking meters or parking fees.

But how do the new Google Maps features work? The application will show you the notification “Pay for parking” when you are arriving at your destination, of course in the navigation mode of the app. Google Maps will ask for the parking meter number, as well as the time that the car will be parked, in order to get the rate to be canceled. Later, you must press the “Pay” option. Now, if you need more time at the parking meter you just have to extend your session.

Google Maps also allows you to buy transportation tickets

Like the previous function, the platform will also allow you to buy public transport tickets. In this, you will see transit addresses with the option of payment in the associated transport agencies. It is a tool that allows you to obtain your transportation ticket in advance.

To exploit the benefits of this service you only have to have a Google Pay account associated with “a valid credit or debit card to carry out the transaction.”

For now, the update is only available to Android users. However, Google has indicated that it will soon be available for iPhone customers. As well as for 80 transit agencies worldwide.

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