Now wear a transparent face mask like glasses

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A transparent shield worn like spectacles protects you from the corona virus and keeps your hands away from your face.  Photo: Indie Go Go

Hong Kong: In the wake of the Corona virus epidemic, new innovations are emerging around the world. Now take a look at a new and simple invention called blockchain. You can call it a shield worn like glasses.

To prevent the spread of the corona virus, it is important that you do not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes repeatedly, and a transparent face shield called a block has been developed to prevent this process. Interestingly, the lightweight and effective face shield can be worn like glasses.

On the other hand, the shield also prevents corona virus vapor from reaching the mouth or nose. This shield can also be helpful if you want to wear a cloth mask with more caution. The Block Face Shield is designed to be worn in cars, motorcycles, travel and exercise.

The block is designed to be dynamic, meaning that if you ride a motorcycle fast, this transparent corona mask does not block the air, but allows air to pass faster according to aerodynamics principles. Experts have also expressed confidence in the block fee shield.

A transparent niqab made of polycarbonate material can be used over and over again due to its strength and does not break down due to its strength. In case of rain and fog, water does not accumulate on it and thus it does not need to be removed again and again.

A block fee shield with a discounted price is priced at just 27 27.