Nvidia ranks as the likely buyer of ARM, according to Bloomberg and Financial Times

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Nvidia ranks as the likely buyer of ARM, according to Bloomberg and Financial TimesBloomberg has published what may be Nvidia’s next big deal: acquiring ARM. This chip developer was already bought by Japan’s SoftBank in the summer of 2016 for $ 32 billion (£ 24.3 billion at the time), and was once the largest purchase ever made by a European company.

According to the source, Nvidia’s goal is reach a purchase agreement over the next few weeks for SoftBank to sell ARM to you. The amount of money that purchase would entail is unknown, but it would certainly be on the list of the largest purchases ever made in this industry.

An ace up your sleeve to be present in the mobile device market


Our colleagues at EuroXliveMóvil already reported a week ago about SoftBank’s intention to sell, with Nvidia being one of the possible buyer candidates. Thus, the possibility that Softbank launches ARM on the stock market and turns it into a public company also disappears.

ARM chips, as they say from the Financial Times, can be a tool that allows Nvidia to go beyond selling high-performance chips and expand across the mobile device market who use these chips. And not only on the mobile: let’s remember that Apple is going to use the ARM architecture on Mac from the end of this year. And there are those who say that Windows computers will have to follow the same path.

Precisely the bad news may be in Apple (and other companies such as Qualcomm or Broadcom), since with this purchase Nvidia can become a competitor. It will be very interesting to see what Nvidia does if the purchase ends up being confirmed.

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