NVIDIA will give away several RTX 3090s during its GTC 21 conference

nvidia gtc 21 rtx 3090 1000x600.jpg
nvidia gtc 21 rtx 3090 1000x600.jpg

Scheduled for Today April 12 at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsula time), NVIDIA will share its GPU news with advances in artificial intelligence, data centers, accelerated computing, healthcare, smart grids, and its hardware and software platforms for games in the GTC live broadcast twenty-one.

With many and very diverse topics to be discussed, and very little advance information, the only advances so far focused on the official accounts dedicated to the conference itself, which published a 30-second teaser a few days ago in which only a strange sculpture appeared with light bulbs, the date of the event itself, and a title that dictated «Find out what comes next«.

An excessive simplicity that did not take long to cause some suspicion among the fans, who began a major investigation, which, meeting their expectations, led them to discover that the flickering of the light bulbs contained a message in Morse code, that once decoded, it seems to repeat the phrase “Hidden treassure” (or hidden treasure).

Something that, not long after, was discovered corresponded to the URL of a secret page within the official domain of the brand, which marks the beginning of a little easter egg hunt game in all communications related to your presentation (including the keynote itself).

Although without a doubt the most interesting will be the rewards offered by the company, which although they will undoubtedly be well received, almost seem a mockery of the current situation.

The first prize, chosen through «a random draw between eligible entries and the first to post accurate descriptions of each unique hidden treasure“, will be an RTX A6000 (in the event that the winner resides in the USA), or an RTX 3090 if the winner resides in the United Kingdom or the European Union. And it is that unfortunately the rest of the regions will not be able to opt for these prizes.

But this will not be the only award. And it is that the twenty-three remaining winners will be chosen at random from the set of tweets that contain at least one correct description of one of the hidden treasures, with a second, third and fourth prize that they will repeat with an RTX 3090 totally free, regardless of the location of the winner; and up to twenty consolation prizes ranging from an NVIDIA Shield television to a scientific ruler with the brand’s logo.