Olive Pro, the wireless headphones that are also headphones for the elderly

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Wireless headphones have been imposed in recent years driven by the desire of some companies to eliminate cables. This is the case of Apple, which decided to destroy the 3.5mm minijack. with the iPhone 7 in 2016 and whose most notable result was an explosion in sales of both its Airpods and all kinds of clones inspired by its shapes.

Now, listening to music is important, but it is much more important to lend a hand to those people who have hearing difficulties, either due to some illness, or because the inexorable passage of the years leaves its small marks. Y that’s why gadgets like this Olive Pro are interesting, the second generation of a range which is once again the best two in one on the market to combine both tasks.

With noise cancellation and everything

Available to pre-order through Indiegogo, these Olive Pro are wireless earbuds and headphones that reached their fundraising goals in just 15 minutes. It has been so successful that, Right now, it has collected more than 647% with respect to the ceiling set at 16,824 euros. So it seems that it comes to renew a gap that is not especially occupied by too many devices of this type.

New Olive Pro.

These Olive Pro are wireless helmets that are reminiscent of Airpods Pro in their designNot surprisingly, they also have noise cancellation and a system of pads that help you hear better. In hearing aid mode, this system takes all the external noise that it captures and processes it to improve the clarity and volume of what really matters: the voices of a conversation, the sound that comes from a television, etc. In addition, it is registered by the FDA authorities (US Food and Drug Administration) so that we can consider it to be supervised to be used as a health aid. In this case auditory.

Olive One and charging case.

If we look at their specifications as wireless headphones, these Olive Pro can be paired with any device thanks to its bluetooth connection and They not only serve to listen to music and answer calls, but to give orders to our virtual assistant. It offers an autonomy of, according to the manufacturer, more than 18 hours per charge of the case that is also compatible with wireless charging.

These headphones are compatible with both iOS and Android and They have their own official app, which will help us to equalize the sound that reaches our ears. If you are interested, you can reserve them with a delivery date for March 2021 for 199 dollars (168 euros at the change) thanks to the 33% discount with which they are right now on Indiegogo.


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