OnePlus Nord have a serious discoloration problem on their screens

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OnePlus Nord have a serious discoloration problem on their screens

The OnePlus Nord is one of the last smartphones put on sale by the Chinese company that dared to test with the middle segment of the market. After some years aiming as high as possible, The bet for a cheaper range had its risks since there is a lot of competition and with a lot of experience, It has been doing things remarkably well for years, like Motorola, so the challenge became difficult.

And so it was because At the first exchange, users who have purchased one of these OnePlus Nord have discovered a serious problem that affects its screens, a component that we all consider decisive and that can accompany us for years in a torment that only ends if the manufacturer is able to publish an update that, today, is conspicuous by its absence.

Purple and greenish tones

Perhaps the most bleeding part of this problem is not so much that it occurs, but that Other users of OnePlus had already suffered it, which with the model 8 Pro You have already seen how their screens faded when used at low brightness, in a percentage close to 25%. It was when using the device in those conditions when the panel was tinted with a series of colors that ranged from purple to green, as you can see in the photograph below, and which was taken by a user who subsequently posted on their social networks.

Discoloration of the OnePlus Nord (d) screen.
Discoloration of the OnePlus Nord (d) screen.

In the case of the OnePlus 8 Pro, the manufacturer ended up publishing a patch to update one of the components that regulate the amount of current that reaches the screen when we use it with low brightness levels, although the result was not entirely perfect either. Right now, if you have a Nord in your hands, you will have to wait for a solution from the manufacturer or, on the contrary, look for an alternative in the establishment where you bought it, if you do not want to have a device that comes with these problems of fabric.

Plastic and not very resistant?

The fact is that the screen is not the only front that has emerged for the OnePlus Nord in its few weeks on sale. YouTube channels specialized in testing mobile resistance tested to see how this model of the Chinese responded and They have highlighted its poor finish, the plastic materials used (no metal or glass), which are malleable and not very resistant, as well as the ease of suffering scratches and marks at the slightest contact with another surface. A detail that will not like those who, despite having resorted to a mid-range terminal like this, are aware that there are more solvent alternatives such as Motorola, LG, etc.